PSYCHED ABOUT Kristin Chenoweth's GCB & (FREE!) Over-the-Top Texas Beauty

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February 24, 2012
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Did you love "Popular"? Do you love that Kristin Chenoweth? Do you appreciate

reallllly done up ladies

? Then you're probably going to like


, a new drama premiering on March 4 at 10/9c on ABC.

Here's the premise: Amanda Vaughn (Leslie Bibb), once the ultimate high school "mean girl," goes through a bad divorce and is forced to return to her hometown of Dallas, TX and move back in with her mother Gigi, the quintessential proper Dallas socialite.

The women who grew up with Amanda in her (upper-crusty) Dallas world are none too happy to see Amanda back in town. Carlene Cockburn (Kristin Chenoweth) was teased relentlessly by Amanda in high school and is now a major hottie with a seemingly perfect life. She also has not forgotten nor forgiven the mean girl antics that went down in high school.

I don't know much about Dallas (and this particular social circle) but going to church and being a good Christian seems to to inform a lot of their social lives, so expect the show's main characters to be really catty, while attempting to mantain their good Texan Christian lady images. GCB stands for Good Christian Bitches Belles, btw.

I think GCB will prove to be a fun mix of "Gossip Girl", Saved!, "Popular", and "Revenge." Delicious! Plus, I'm crazy curious about their big hair, shiny makeup, and over-the-top outfits. I think this type of beauty should be celebrated (up here in New York, having big hair and makeup can be such a "don't" which is a SNORE).

Therefore, in anticipation of GCB, we are giving away a basketfull of goodies to "Texify" yourself--fake eyelashes! Mini perfume to stick in your purse! Mega-shiny lip gloss!

How do you win the GCB beauty basket? By retweeting this tweet from @xojanedotcom: "RT if u r going to watch Kristen Chenoweth's new show @GCB on ABC March 4! One RTer WINS a sexy gift basket filled w/ Texas-y beauty goods."

On March 4th at 10, when the show premieres, we'll pick one RTer at random and send you the Texas Beauty Basket!

LAST (DEFINITELY NOT LEAST): Since you love TV so much, please join me and the other xoJane editors on Sunday evening for a Virtual Oscars Party. We will be live-blogging the event right here on xoJane (from Bryan's house!) so be sure to join in! It will be easy-- just look for the post "XOJANE VIRTUAL PARTY: Oscars 2012 Edition" and then you can sign in to the live-blog with your Twitter handle, Facebook account, etc.

We'll be voting on our favorite dresses and you'll hear all about the weird appetizers I'm serving! SEE YOU THEN.