Please Don’t Change Anything, Gaga -- Uh, Except Your Music

Why I love the lady, but hate the songs.
Publish date:
May 17, 2011
music, lady gaga

Unlike every other member of my gender, I’ve always hated Madonna. When “Like A Virgin” or “Holiday” -- or gah! “La Isla Bonita”—comes on, it sounds like car brakes screeching to a halt two inches from my ears.That, and I also get inexplicably depressed. Was Madonna playing in the mall on one of the many occasions I was separated from my parents and wandered, frightened and alone, as a child? We’ll never know.

But here I am again, disagreeing with the general world population again on the world’s most beloved pop star.

I don’t like Lady Gaga's music. I’ve grown to tolerate it, but that’s only because I love, and I mean, absolutely love, the girl. She’s possibly the greatest artist of our time. Her fashion drives me wild with pleasure, she pays tribute to the many artists -- obscure, and, ugh, Madonna -- who serve as her inspiration, she does what she wants, she works hard for her money, she’s almost pathologically grateful to her fans, and she stands up for bullied kids and gay rights. If there’s a cause I feel strongly about, she’s right there screaming her support for it on Capitol Hill.

So why does a girl with such powerful lungs need so much electronica around her, drowning out her natural set of skills? When her message is so anti-establishment, why is her music so mainstream? She’s clearly just beginning, so I expect some surprising twists in her musical oeuvre. I look forward to what the future brings -- and that will probably include cabaret, country and maybe heavy metal albums. But for now, I think her music is beneath her.

(As I write this, “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun” plays from the speakers of the café I’m sitting in. Don’t even get me started.)