The Muppets Are Coming! Show Your Allegiance Through Beautifully Made Clothes

How much do you love The Muppets, nice clothes, good movies, Amy Adams!, etc.?
Publish date:
September 22, 2011
clothes, movies, 30 Rock, muppets

The world is psyching itself up for the Thanksgiving release of "The Muppets." (Which looks so good!)

We saw it with OPI's Muppet line, and now we're seeing uber-chic, ever-reliable boutique Opening Ceremony celebrate in their own way -- by releasing a line of timeless, well made, subtly and not-so-subtly Muppet-themed clothing. Some of us might be the type to sport a cotton crewneck Animal sweater (there are also hoodies, for you hoodie folks!):

If you're more like me, you will opt for a more understated Miss Piggy print on a ruffled dresshirt. (Oh how I wish they had Janice stuff, though! Or the American Eagle.)

Okay, I want this one too. That is SUCH a good RED. Good red sweaters are actually very difficult to come by. Plus, our pig is looking more sophisticated than ever.

Shop the entire collection here. And let me know how much you love The Muppets and any Muppet memories you have. (Like: Who watched "Muppet Babies"? I remembering loving that show and being impressed, as a kid, by their involved adventures. Was it actually good?) And, this is old news, but according to this blog, "30 Rock" is sort of based on "The Muppet Show" -- now I know why I love it so much!