OPEN THREAD: Let's Talk About How Janelle Monáe Is The Awesomest Human Alive (And Also What Other New Music Am I Totally Missing Right Now?)

I have such respect for women who can dance like that in pointy spindly heels.
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May 7, 2013
open thread, music

So last week I had this cold? It was a terrible cold. Easily the worst cold I'd had since I stopped working in an office. I got the cold because the week before that I WAS working in an office -- the xoJane office. Co-workers are little more than a series of differently-shaped disease vectors so far as I'm concerned.

Anyway I was really sick and it was terrible for several reasons, but one of the most unforgiveable is that I somehow TOTALLY MISSED that Janelle Monáe released the first video from her forthcoming, HIGHLY anticipated new album, "The Electric Lady" -- the song being a funky bit o' truth-telling featuring the equally magnificent Erykah Badu, called "Q.U.E.E.N." -- on May 1.


I've written before about how I think Monáe is basically a huge genius, and I've probably watched this video at least 20 times since yesterday. Because I need to pick apart every tiny little molecule of brilliance and hold it up to the light to analyze it like some obsessive... molecule-looker. Already I can tell you Monáe has lost none of her investment in radical social commentary stealth-delivered via excellent jams.

Honestly, my expectations for Monáe are so ridiculously high that I was worried no matter WHAT she did for her next album, I'd find it disappointing. But that hasn't happened yet.

SO. What do y'all think? Are you excited for the new album? Also I'm soliciting suggestions for other music (all kinds, I'm not particular) I'm probably missing right now, because if nobody shoves it in my face -- or unless it gets recommended to me on Spotify -- I am completely oblivious.