OPEN THREAD: It's Monday and Game of Thrones is Over! What Will You Watch to Get Through Sunday Nights?

I will not wish my life away this week!
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June 10, 2013
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Not sure about you guys but I have a love/hate relationship with Sunday nights. It's a bummer the weekend is over but it has always been my favorite night for TV thanks to HBO and AMC! Countdown to "Breaking Bad" begins! But that’s not until August and I DO NOT want the summer to fly by so I will cherish all the long, hot, steamy days between now and then.

Anyway, let's focus on today, Monday, which by the way translates to "moon's day" in several, dead languages. In the spirit of not wishing our time away and fast forwarding to Friday, let’s enjoy all of this moon day and all the days this week!

Anything exciting happening? I’m psyched to teach my Lady GaGa-themed spin class tonight! What about you? Any new TV shows I should know about?