Caitlin's Browser History: Online Foliage Maps

*puts on flannel shirt*
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September 23, 2016
fall, basics, pumpkin spice

I love a lot of things about living in New York City (ugh, OK, by "things" I mean the amount of restaurants available to me and my bodega guy), but one thing I do not love is how difficult it is to find some green space around here, especially in the fall (which I guess makes it red/orange space).

I grew up in a super-rural part of New Jersey (here is my hometown's website — it's a treat), and whenever the leaves started to change we would drive my grandmother up to New Hope, Pennsylvania, to go leaf-peeping. Most of my friends had houses on a lot of property, and inevitably we'd spend September, October, and November playing manhunt on a horse farm and ending the night around a fire pit. (This was pretty much unchanged from ages 8 through 16, at which point people started bringing really disgusting bottles of stolen schnapps and making out with each other.)

What I'm saying is, I. Fucking. Love. Fall. And all the fall-adjacent activities (harvest fest! apple-picking! pumpkin-picking! Field of Terror! Fright Fest!) and flavors (cider donuts! kettle corn! apple pie! pumpkin spice! ginger tea!) Does that make me a basic betch? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

(But it doesn't really matter, because the only people using "basic" are men who are way too invested in tearing down women, and women who wish they could still say, "I'm not like other girls!")

As soon as the weather permits yanking my air conditioner out of my window, I'm looking for ways to get out of the city. (I realize people also, apparently, do this in the summer but I'm sun-averse, so I just huddle in my shade cave.) This normally means taking the Metro North up to Peekskill or crashing at my parents' house in Jersey, and it used to mean flying upstate with my ex (RIP my direct access to sponge candy).

But I always, always check the foliage maps before I go.

My favorite one is pictured above, from, because, unlike the garbage ones from and (not even worth linking to, tbh), it gives you projections for future dates — perfect for trip planning! It's also beautifully designed and has a casual Camus quote thrown in for good measure.

Now, if you'll excuse me, I have to go buy everything pumpkin flavored at Trader Joe's.