Some Advice About Magazines

One endorsement and one DE-endorsement.
Publish date:
August 30, 2011
magazines, Subscriptions

I love magazines! Trust me, all that anti-magazine sentiment expressed by bloggers who poke fun at those "Magazines: The Power of Print" ads and call out women's magazines for their Photoshopping ways is based on pure JEALOUSY.

Because almost all of us Internet writers became "journalists" because we wanted magazine jobs! I spent my NYU career dreaming of a phat job in paper periodicals, and I loved interning at BUST so much I stayed for like a year and a half. Then I graduated and spent two soul-sucking years editing test-preparation materials for K-12ers and gave thanks to the sweet baby Jesus when he delivered unto me an Internet job.

So unlike basically everyone else I work with, I have never braved the Conde Nast cafeteria or spent a whole MONTH working on one article, but I still subscribe to practically everything.

I currently get BUST, Elle, Glamour, Marie Claire, Entertainment Weekly, New York Magazine, Psychology Today, InStyle, Vogue, Playboy, TimeOutNY, Lucky and Black Belt Magazine (that one's for the Mr.)

But that's just the current bumper crop -- I change my selection constantly, thanks to a magazine membership service called Maghound, which allows me to pay a flat monthly fee for my magazine subscriptions. So, for $9.95 a month, I get 7 titles, with extra titles costing an additional dollar per month. (You can also join at lower tiers of 4.95 for 3 titles or 7.95 for five.)

And I can curate at will, so when I find myself in the mood for sophomoric humor and bikini babes, I can add Maxim, only to remove it for Readymade the next month when I feel all nest-y.

It's good! So now that I've given you an endorsement, allow me to give you an UNENDORSEMENT.

Never ever accept a free trial subscription.

I made this mistake during a Delias phase, when they kept offering me trial subscriptions with purchase. You probably realize that you will just keep getting charged for these subscriptions year after year until you cancel them. But you may not realize that you can never cancel them.

Because you can't just call the the magazine's subscription department -- you have to cancel with the weird cheap subscription company people, whose number you will find on your credit card bill, and no matter how many times you beg them to stop sending you magazines, they NEVER EVER will.

Even if, like me, you chose the same magazine with several different purchases and now get three copies of Entertainment Weekly, always and forever.

What am I supposed to do with two extra issues of Entertainment Weekly? I'd give them to the homeless, but I imagine it would be frustrating to read about the new fall lineup when you don't even have a TV. Terra Nova is gonna have dinosaurs!

What magazines do you subscribe to?