ONE DAY ONLY: Jane Pratt Speaks at SXSW!

Jane’s SXSW talk tomorrow will blow your mind. So put your FOMO in high gear and get your tushie there.
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March 11, 2013
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You’ve probably noticed that we’re pretty excited around here that Jane is presenting at South by Southwest for her first time ever. (No big deal, except TOTALLY a huge deal.)

Jane wanted to call her session "Secrets of a Publishing Renegade: How I Burned Down the Old Media Model to Do Whatever the Fuck I Want," but that was too long or something, so she changed it to "Jane Pratt: Secrets Of A Publishing Renegade.” Don’t worry though; the second part is still totally implied. Especially since she DOES do whatever the fuck she wants. I mean, have you read some of the stuff on this site?

During her talk, Jane is going to reveal all her insider knowledge about why the current print model doesn’t work, the myths that traditional media has been feeding you, and outrageous anecdotes that she normally only tells her favorite people like Michael, Courteney, and the other Courtney. (Stipe, Cox, and Love, like you didn’t already know that.)

She’s also going to show her metaphorical vagina. I have no idea what that means and even if I did, I wouldn’t tell you because the point of this is to make you go to the session!

Basically, the entire hour-long talk is going to be filled with Jane’s best secrets -- the ones she’s been keeping. UNTIL NOW.

Even though Jane has her own radio show, used to have a daytime talk show, and is naturally funny and engaging (and no I’m not saying this just because she’s my boss -- I mean I am, but I’m not…), I get the feeling that she may be a little nervous about her presentation. And is maybe even worried that no one’s going to show up and she’ll just be standing in this empty room wondering where everyone is while totally forgetting everything she planned to say.

Which is seriously the dumbest thing ever (sorry Jane, especially because I’m just assuming you’re worried since you haven’t even said as much and that’s probably just me projecting my life fears onto you…). But seriously. If that is something she is worried about for even two seconds, it’s so silly because HELLO: This is Jane Pratt we’re talking about.

I’ve mentioned before that my dream in college was to get an “It Happened to Me” published in JANE Magazine. It didn’t even occur to me to dream bigger. To dream of actually writing for Jane on a repeat basis. So when I was hired to write for xoJane, I was obviously freaking the hell out with excitement.

But then I’d get these people who were like, “Who’s Jane Pratt?” And I couldn’t even understand the question. What do you mean, “WHO is Jane Pratt?” Jane Pratt! The youngest editor-in-chief EVER of a national magazine? Sassy? JANE? Magazines that changed my life? Hello????

And then they’d shrug and keep talking, but I wouldn’t hear them because I was too busy de-friending them on Facebook. Because if they don’t know who Jane Pratt is, then they aren’t smart enough to be my friend and to know that’s it so awesome that Jane Pratt -- THE JANE PRATT -- is speaking at SXSW. TOMORROW. At 11 a.m. Austin time.

BE THERE. And if you can’t make it (like me: boo!), please leave Jane lots of encouragement in the comments. (Even though we know she’s gonna rock this.)

Jane Pratt: Secrets of a Publishing Renegade

Tuesday, March 12

11:00AM – 12:00PM

Austin Convention Center

Exhibit Hall 5

500 E Cesar Chavez Street

Find more info here.