Open Thread: Is It Bad That the Nicki Minaj Feuding I See on "American Idol" and With Billy Bush Makes Me Like Her More?

I'm deeply enjoying Nicki Minaj throwing down with Billy Bush and Mariah Carey. I love what a fearless boss this woman is.
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May 6, 2013
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I'm one of those people who rarely watches "American Idol," but every now and then I'll follow the spats that come out of the show.

Ever since Nicki has joined, they just keep getting better. Pitting her against Mariah is an endless delight of divas and egos and old-school versus new-school chart relevance.

(I will also say that Nicki is the first and only artist I've ever discovered because a Brooklyn N train filled with teenagers were rapping her songs together in 2007, and I asked who it was and went home and googled "Nikki Menois." A few years later, she blew the fuck up. If you ever want to find the tastemakers, it's the 14-year-old girls in Brooklyn, man.)

So her latest controversial delight is feuding with Billy Bush who accused her of being negative and unprofessional on Twitter after she blew off his colleague Laura Saltman on the red carpet.

Nicki responded by Twitter, and then today, I watched as Bush shook his head at her behavior some more and threw around terms like "bully."

No way. Nicki is a genius performance artist to me, and I've never seen a performer like her -- she's one of the wittiest female artists to emerge in the last few years, and this latest fight is just making me like her more.

What are your thoughts? And what is your favorite Minaj song? Mine is "Roman Holiday."


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