3 Next-Generation Reality Show Ideas I Wish They'd Make

If reality television wants to grow and stick around, it might need to make a few changes.
Publish date:
April 4, 2014
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Reality television is in this strange stage right now where it is simultaneously dramatic and boring. We have arguments and sometimes outright fist fights about the most juvenile topics known to man even though these are adults. The reunion shows typically play out the same way too. There will be at least one blow-up that was completely expected between two known adversaries and then you’ll get an “out of the blue” over-the-top moment from whoever thinks she is in danger of getting kicked off of the cast. If reality television wants to grow and stick around, it might need to make a few changes. Here are a few ideas for reality shows that will definitely have drama, but hopefully without the fake foolishness. Casting is key for all of them of course, but get into these ideas…

1. Tinder/Love Connection Mash Up

Fun, fun, fun! Tinder is that crazy dating app where you can quickly (very quickly) get matched up with people in your area who also find you attractive. Love Connection was that awesome dating show from the 80s and 90s that had an audience participation component. So, this Tinder/Love Connection mash up reality show would allow people online to cast a vote as to which one of three people (Tinder compatibles) that someone should date. They would go on the date on the show’s dime and both would be on the show to rehash how it went. The person always has the option to go out with the other two people before the show as well and that would be part of the fun of the show.

2. Real Welfare

This would be a show about government welfare of all types. That means farmers, students, public housing residents, international corporations and any other person or entity that receives government assistance. It would shine a light on how the government spends money and would also get rid of those pesky stereotypes about who gets government assistance and how those recipients spend it. This is more reality television for socially and politically conscious.

3. Online “Celebrities”

There was an MTV True Life episode about people who were famous online, but I’d like to see a whole series devoted to this phenomenon. Two new people profiled each week and it would be open to all types of social media platforms. So all your favorite YouTube, Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Pinterest folks who are not famous in the traditional sense, yet still somehow command thousands or millions of followers and “likes.” This would be an eye opener as far as how some of these folks actually live and how they conduct their real lives alongside their virtual lives.

What reality or documentary-style shows would you like to see on the air?

Reprinted with permission from Clutch