Open Thread: What Are Your Best Netflix Recommendations?

What's that? You want my reviews of movies and TV shows I've discovered on Netflix and found out I'm glad I watched? And you want to give me YOUR recs? Yay!
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May 20, 2013
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The way that I soothe my workaholism is by having TV or movies playing in the background if I'm working into the wee hours of the night. It makes me feel like I have a life or something.

I'm seriously considering changing my Facebook status to "in a relationship with Netflix." Yes, it's rushed, but I feel ready. Here are some of our happiest memories together. And please, tell me yours! I don't mind that you've been fooling around with 'Flix. Our is a polyamorous love.

And before this metaphor gets even more unwieldy and shitty, here are some of the little gems I've discovered on there. And please -- share yours!

1. "Damages": The perfect-seeming chick who's a rival to Kristen Wiig from "Bridesmaids" and Glenn Motherfucking Close. If you like psych thrillers ("Matchstick Men," even derr-derr "Wild Things"), you'll love this shit! It's all about mind games, and boy do I love me some mind games. Not to employ. I see myself as, like, one of those cops who studies the techniques of bad guys to then disengage their powers. Oh, and if you dig the music in Season 4, my friend Chris Erikson did two of the songs. So good!

2. "House of Cards": Duh. Although I do have one friend who can't watch it because of Kevin Spacey's Foghorn Leghorn-esque accent. Whatever. It's spectacular.

3. "Sassypants": If you love to hate Skyler on "Breaking Bad" and you love fashion, oh man is this the movie for you.

4. "Bachelorette": Lots of cocaine, Facebook tagging jokes, Will Ferrell's production company, Rebel Wilson and Ali G's wife. Oh -- and the raven-haired chick from "2 Broke Girls." Sorry, blanking on all these actresses' names. Rose Byrne! That's the one from "Damages." I'll remember "2 Broke Girls" chick probably in an hour. What's that you say? Google? Kat Dennings! Got it. CORRECTION: LIZZY CAPLAN. Yeah. She rules. Thanks, xoJane commenters! I am dumb.

5. "Party Down." The TV show I would take on a deserted island. Yeah, I said it.

And you?


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