Get Your Nostalgia on with These Throwback Instagram Accounts, Including One Dedicated to the Fabulousness of Jessica Fletcher

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April 28, 2016
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It is an indisputable fact that one of the great gifts given to us in the late 80's/early 90's was the mystery television series, Murder, She Wrote. Not only did it have a fantastic premise (one woman is continuously surrounded by murder and no one seems that concerned that she is the common link between all of them) and a great theme song, but it starred national treasure Angela Lansbury as the shows crime-solving novelist, Jessica Fletcher.

I must not be the only one to feel this way, because some brilliant humanitarian has created Murder She Look, an Instagram account dedicated to the styles and looks of Jessica Fletcher, and it has almost five thousand followers. (There is also a Tumblr by the same name.)

Angela Lansbury always had a good amount of creative input in terms of how Jessica Fletcher spoke, acted, and dressed, and this account illustrates just how good she was at creating Jessica's looks.

Gone fishin’

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Beyond providing aspirational looks — I'm not being sarcastic, I would wear that boating-inspired ensemble just above this sentence — the account also serves up a healthy dose of nostalgia. I grew up watching this show with my sisters, stepmom and grandmother, so there's something comforting about this well-curated collection of screen caps.

Quality time with @dithedo before she bails on me and Portland.

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Though it's currently my favorite Insta-account (well, that and Taste of Streep), it's not the only nostalgia-packed collection of square photos. Below are five more that are worth a gander.


Longing for Summer

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In terms of fashion (and music, tbh), the 70's have a very special place in my heart. Though I'm technically too young to feel nostalgia for this era, there's something beautifully wistful about this account and its pictures of stylish babes.


I know the "90's kid" thing is kind of played out, but I really, really enjoy looking at anything that reminds me of afternoons with Stick Stickly and/or Legends of the Hidden Temple.


Good thing we have this kid on the case! #🔑

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I don't know if any of you watched Wee Sing Grandpa's Magical Toys as a child, but I did, and finding this clip from it on @vhsdude is one of the best things that's happened to me this week.


Celebrity photographer Dave Benett has been snapping pics of famous peeps for a long time now, and he has quite the collection of glamorous photos. There is a lot of Kate Moss, which is kind of all I need in an Instagram account, but I'm thoroughly obsessed with this photo of baby Michael Stipe and Mike Mills.

#Michaelstipe #rem #mikemills #britawards #1992 #london #90s

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I wasn't sure if this collection of old t-shirts should be included in this roundup, but then I saw the above specimen, and was hit with a wave of pizza-scented wistfulness. What happened to the Noid, man? I actually don't remember what his deal was exactly, only that Domino's pizza helped fend him off and that I found him pretty scary.

What are your favorite nostalgia-packed Instagram accounts? Do you have strong Noid-related feelings? ISN'T JESSICA FLETCHER THE BEST? (Also, do you think she killed all those people? Sometimes I think she killed all those people.)

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