The 10 Shadiest Memes And Tweets From The MTV VMAs

You all had me WEAK.
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August 31, 2015
celebrity, VMAs, miley cyrus, nicki minaj, kanye west

The MTV VMA’s were WEEIIRRD AF and the public wasted no time coming through with ruthless memes. Everyone knows commercial breaks are designated time to check Twitter and Instagram, so your girl took screenshots on screenshots on screenshots.

In case you needed a refresher, the three main targets that had everyone sipping tea and whipping up memes were Miley, Kanye, and Nicki.

VMA host Miley Cyrus gave me an ulcer by being all, “I’m crazy!! I’m fucking CRAAZY!! Did y’all see me act crazy? I smoke weed and have nipples! Fuck you dad!” all with truly horrific blonde locs attached to her head. Definition of Doing The Most.

Kanye danced to the Weeknd in his new Boosts like a dad, pretended to fall asleep when Taylor won an award, and announced he was running for president during a five hour long speech. Yeezy’s gonna Yeezy.

NICKI MINAJ, MY QUEEN, MY GODDESS, MY EVERYTHING blessed my retinas with a glittering gold gown on the red carpet, slaying us once and for all. She also shaded Miley TO THE GAWDS in a totally random (and possibly joking?) diss during her Best Hip-Hop Video acceptance speech. I hope it was real…

You all had me WEAK. Now for the important questions: What part of the VMA’s did you find hardest to watch? Will you vote Kanye for president? And obviously PLEASE share any memes I missed. I beg of thee.

Here’s one last dose of pettiness for the road -- I hate Twitter.

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