THE MOST KANDID KARDASHIAN INTERVIEW EVER, PART 3: Beauty Tips, Tricks, and the Products They Can't Live Without

In Part Three of our big sit-down interview with the "Big 3" Kardashian sisters, we talk makeup, skincare and more!
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September 28, 2011
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In our third segment (if you missed Part One or Part Two, click here) of Jane Radio and's massive Kardashian interview, we asked the really important questions: in sum, how in God's name are these chicks so crazy-flawless looking all the time? Read on to find out!

Jane: You mentioned the Sears line so we want to talk about that because you guys have really different styles. So how did that go? Was there clashing? How did that all work?

Khloe: Yeah, I mean we all have really different styles. Also, we have similar tastes we all can agree on what looks good and styles of things. But I love in our collection that you do know, like “I feel like Kourtney inspired that more, or Kim, or Khloe.”

Kim: But we all wear things so differently. [A collection] will all have the same pieces but we will wear it so differently, but it's fun to see how Kourtney will put an outfit together, and how Khloe will, and how I will. So we like how we have the same taste but we have different styles.

Khloe: But I love that the Kardashian Kollection you have three (I’m sorry, but) amazing designers designing one collection. Because we are so different, we are so creative and unique in our own ways. And that’s three amazing designers designing for on collection so you are getting different body types and shapes.

Like I can't design or wear things that Minnie Mouse over there can wear. So you know, you're getting a curvier woman and petite woman and a tall woman, you get all that in one collection.

Jane: Yeah, that’s awesome.

Cat: I want Kourtney to come out with a lipstick line. I think that your lipsticks are sort of stealing the show. Are they YSL?

Kourtney: The orange-y red color that I always wear is YSL, and it’s so crazy now because I always say what it is. When I go to buy it, it's always sold out! Just that color, they have every other shade. I’m like, "Can you like send me some free lipstick, because I’m selling you out." And they are like, "Oh sorry, we are sold out we can't get you any unless you buy thirty", and I’m like "who in their lifetime?"

Khloe: You really ask them for free?

Kourtney: Well, Joyce said get some because we are out of them and we need it. I mean you can’t buy it. I would buy it if it was there. It's literally not there in stock. We have Kardashian nail colors coming out -- our OPI nail polishes, and we did my lip color [as a polish].

I wanted a nail polish color similar to that lipstick because every time I go to get my nails done, I’m like, "I want this orange-y red color I can never find it". So one of my colors is called “Kourt Is Redi For A Pedi”. I did it kind of like the orange-y red inspired by that so whenever I’m wearing that [lip] my nails and toes can match.

Jane: So that’s your obsession. Mine is with Kim’s skin. Because my friend Courteney Cox was like she said she was near you or something recently--

Kim: Yeah, we had dinner at a friend’s house.

Jane: Yeah, she came back going that she had the most naturally beautiful glowing skin that’s like glowing from within.

Kim: That is so sweet.

Jane: It's true! Now I get to see it in person.

Kim: [Courteney Cox's] skin is like a baby doll -- porcelain -- so when she said that I was like, “Do you have a mirror?! Like your skin looks like a baby doll!"

Khloe: But Kim doesn’t have a pore on her face.

Kim: Yes, I do!

Jane: Where are the pores!?

Kourtney: Kim has no pores. Her skin is, like, flawless. Like without makeup on, she has perfectly even skin.

Kim: I just use such a simple skin regimen. Like, it's just literally cleanser, toner, and moisturizer. But I do use lots of moisturizer at night-- I think that’s the key. And I always use a makeup wipe to wipe off all my makeup. Then I use a hot washcloth and I use that because it kind of exfoliates my skin. And it just gets all the makeup off...and then I put on SO much moisturizer.

Cat: Everyone is like, “Oh, they use SO much makeup.” But I'm sitting right here with you -- you're really not that done up.

Kim: But I think that we are definitely glamour girls. We love to wear makeup.

Khloe: We joke and we say we are like trannies because we love hair and makeup. I don’t think we necessarily need it, but we love it. But Kim, definitely, if you take off what’s on her face, her face is the exact same. She doesn't need it -- it's just like a mind thing to her. She really doesn’t need any of that on her face.

Kim: Yeah, because my face is SO pale! I don’t care if I were to lay in the sun with oil all over my face, or do 10 spray tans on my face. It just does NOT get tan. So I wear makeup so that it, you know, to give it color. But I love makeup.

Khloe: I think she looks exactly the same. But Kourtney doesn’t need to wear makeup -- she just puts a lip on and she looks, like, totally glam. We just like makeup, though.

Kourtney: And I need some lashes.

Khloe: At first we had like publicists and people who would tell us, “Girls, tone it down, stop wearing all the makeup.” But they we would read on our blogs -- like in the comments and everything -- and everyone was like, “What lipstick is this, what mascara do you use?“ We were like, "We love makeup -- so why try and be what we are not?"

Kim: We’re girly-girls. We like every beauty product. Right now I’m obsessed with Sally Hansen Great Legs. Like those airbrush legs. I have psoriasis, and its all over my body -- like on my legs it's everywhere. But if I spray this on my legs, it at least looks so much better. Like you can hardly see it. So that’s my beauty secret.

Cat: What foundation do you use for your faces? Because you have to wear it so much, and yet still you don’t break out.

Kim: There are different kinds. I mean, me, I love Joe Blasco. Its what I’ve always used. My dad -- when we were 14 -- got us makeup lessons for Christmas and had us videotape them and had a real-life person do our makeup and teach us how to wear makeup. Because he said, “My daughters are going to start to wear makeup, and I want you guys to look at least presentable”. Which I thought was really cool. Um, and we’ve turned out to be the biggest trannies because of it.

Kourtney: I like tinted moisturizer, too. Like when I’m not doing a glam day, I need five-second makeup when I’m with Mason, and it involves sunglasses at all times. But I like put on tinted moisturizer -- I like Armani -- and a little bit of mascara, and I’m out the door and ready to go. I can’t sit there.

Khloe: If I’m not working, I just like to put mascara on and I’m done. Then it gets me excited again to GO into glam. Like, I don’t like a lot of makeup on. And when I’m at my house and I’m cooking or just doing whatever it's like, what’s the point of makeup?

Kim: I did my makeup myself the other day and Kourtney was like, “What is wrong with your face?!” I was like, "What do you mean?" And she was like, “Oh, you just look so different than you usually look.” And I was like, “I just did my makeup myself.” (turns to Kourtney) By the way, I saw pictures out and about and it looked so normal and fab. It was pretty good.

Kim: I think it was like the lashes or something.

Kourtney: You put fake lashes on yourself?

Kim: No! It's normal. And Kourtney was like, “What did you do with your face?”

Kourtney: I just like you either with makeup on or no makeup. Not in between.

Kim: NO, it was just light. Like how I do it myself.

Khloe: I like how she does her makeup herself.

Kourtney: 'Kay. Cool.


And there you have it: the Jane Radio/ ultimate KARDASHIAN beauty interview that I've been dying to conduct ever since I started watching the show. Hope you guys enjoyed! As ever, share your thoughts in the comments section...

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