We tried to ask krazy questions the rest of the media is always too khicken to ask. Read on!
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September 26, 2011
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Welcome, one and all, to the first of three installments of The Most Kandid Kardashian Interview Ever!

Before Jane and I sat down in a studio at Sirius XM headquarters in Midtown Manhattan, we swore to one another that we wouldn't be too scared to ask the tough questions.

Like, are Rob and Scott gay lovers, as is rumored on the gossip blogs? What kind of (phallic) heat is Kris Humpries packing below the belt? How much of their show is totally scripted? Does Kourtney have a bunch of nannies?

...and much, much more! We had less than 20 minutes to be as nosy as possible, but we got a lot of good dirt. Read on!

Jane:They are entrepreneurs, socialites, TV stars, models; they first rose to fame by staring in their own reality TV show, "Keeping up with the Kardashians," in 2007. Why do I need to say this?! People know this stuff! Everybody knows who they are.


Khloe: Not everybody.

Jane:Since then they have launched multiple new businesses guest-starred on other TV shows, gotten married, had babies and become internationally famous for their unique style and beauty. Please meet Kourtney, Kim and Khloe Kardashian here on Jane Radio.

Khloe: Woo hoo!

Jane: Hi, you guys! Thank you so much for being here.

Kim: Thanks for having us!

Jane: I also brought along the beauty director for my website, Cat Marnell. From

Cat: Hello!

Jane: I partly brought her along because, I’m a huge fan, but she’s a crazed fan. Crazy.

Cat: Like I’m a mega-fan. Is that corny?

Khloe: Crazy. Like a crazy Kardashian.

Cat: I was thinking that I would rather interview you than the president.

Kourtney: Really?

Cat: Anybody with a sister has to be into you guys. Like I have an older sister and a younger brother, and I have a theory that the only people that hate on the Kardashians are only children because everybody else gets it.

Kim: No, but that’s why we like it though, too -- we like that people like that. Girls come up to us and say, “I’m like Kourtney!” We like that because we are real family. We are not trying to lie and say we are perfect and not fight. People get we will curse each other out and make up in five seconds. That’s like brothers and sisters and I don’t know, I just feel like that's family. And I love that other people connect with that. Because we are all about family.

Jane: Totally.

Cat: Because I think you guys are actually -- I mean I have no REAL idea -- but pretty generous with the editing of the show and what you let through to the final cut. Because there is a lot of tension that seems very real.

Kim: Yeah, we let it all through.

Jane: You do, don’t you?

Kourtney: We watch the editing and, you know, have the power to change what we want, but were like, "Why do we even care?" This is what we are here for. We’re filming. We kind of made a promise to all of one another at the beginning: Let's just be ourselves. And we really haven’t like stopped anything from being on the show.

Khloe: I think its also because we are a family and brothers and sisters we can say "Okay, cut the shit -- you're being phony right now; this isn’t the real you. We bust each other’s balls but that’s why I think we’ve stayed the same. I think that’s why people still like the show -- because they see that it's, like, I mean obviously we’ve grown, and we're getting older.

So we’re evolving as people, but it's still like the same show. I’ve watched some reality shows and from Season One to Two the people are so different, because they're so kind of into themselves [now that they're famous]. But we have each other to shoot one another down. Like, "Get over yourself. You’re not that cool."

Jane: That’s right. Yeah. That’s the sibling role.

Kim: I like that we don’t edit ourselves. This is life and we feel like if we have had an experience, someone else has to have had a similar one, so we think that we are either helping people or making them feel more normal that we are having these experiences. I don’t know.

Jane: Totally. I mean that’s what people are so responsive to -- that you do allow that stuff. I’m wondering also...Okay, Kourtney. I have a kid, and I watch you on there, with Mason and I’m like, "She is so hands on." Is there some nanny behind the scenes or something?

Kourtney: I do have help. But I don’t like to have help.

Jane: Thank God, because how could you do it all?

Kourtney: Because I like to do it all, but it’s like balancing work. I would say my biggest challenge as a mom is balancing work with being a mom. Because I love to just be with Mason all day. And luckily, with our work I can. He is with me most of the time when we are filming, you know, whatever stuff.

But like today we are doing press for our Sears collection literally all day long from 6 am until 10 pm tonight. But also Scott’s there with him -- like I’ve set things up. Like he has a play date with a little girlfriend today. So I set things up so he is busy. But I do have help, though I like to do like as much as I can. If I have a day off, that’s when I don’t have any help.

Khloe: (defensively) She really is like the world's best mom.

Jane:I see that!

Khloe: She is SO hands-on and she does have help but she’ll call in one of us, too. If she wants to go to dinner, she would rather have a family member watch Mason. My little sisters help her a lot with Mason. Kourtney makes sure Sunday is her family day. She will never work on a Sunday. She makes sure she sets those things and that’s amazing.

Kourtney: And also if it’s not a work thing -- if I'm going out to dinner with my friends, I don't have someone watch him. I don’t, like, go get a massage and have someone watch him. If I go to dinner he comes with me. Scott and I just set a once-a-week date night but it took me this long to set [last night's date].

Khloe: And that’s because I forced her. Because she is forgetting -- (to Kourtney) one day Mason will have a girlfriend and you are going to be so depressed. So I’m making her. Like, "You are not a bad mom if you have dinner with your boyfriend one day a week."

Kourtney: Because I always bring Mason with me to dinner. She’s like if you guys do an alone dinner once a week it’s not the worst thing. So last night was our first date night.

Khloe: You’re not a bad mom for doing that. I babysat last night while she did that. I was like “I’ll babysit; you go to dinner; have your date night.” It was hard, but she did it.

Jane:Its healthy!

So there you have it: Part 1 of 3 of The Most Kandid Kardashian Interview Ever! (If you weren't THAT impressed, incidentally, don't worry -- it gets a LOT more kandid in Parts 2 and 3). Come right back here to tomorrow and the next day for those installment and, as promised, even more dirt -- including my favorite bit: the ultimate KARDASHIAN beauty interview! XO