Mindy Kaling's New Show Fills Me With Girlish Optimism

This may be the show to fill the yawning lacuna in a Liz Lemonless lineup.
Publish date:
May 15, 2012
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A stethoscope and a windblown hair? I'm in.

Mindy Kaling doesn't have to win me over. I already like her a lot. She's funny and smart and if you've read her book, it's clear that she's worked her ass off to be where she is, and I appreciate that a lot. If I didn't admire her so much, I'd probably be a little afraid that she was going to go all "Omen III" and turn out to be the antichrist, because she's got that smart-funny-beautiful-hardworking thing going on that I find so difficult to trust. (I was at a table next to hers in LA once, and she did this creepy thing where she's was really gorgeous and polite and smiled at everybody. The whole place was like, Yikes.)So I'm happy that this trailer for her new show -- titled "Mindy" or "The Mindy Project," depending who you ask -- looks so good. Mindy plays a single OB/GYN (yes, yes, I like what you've done here), and it looks like it'll include Ed Helms, Bill Hader, Richard Schiff ("WEST WING," what whaaaaaat), and a hat tip to Michael Fassbender's wiener.

I'm a sucker for a sexy doctor show or anything where somebody leaps into a pool with her clothes on, so this is relevant to all of my interests.

The show's set to debut this fall on FOX. My only quibble is that I hope that it doesn't make daytime sequin wear A Thing because they make some of us look like Liza Minelli trying to do business casual.

Check it out and weigh in. I'm Sandy Bulllooooooock!