Megan Amram: How Long Should You Wait After Meeting Someone To Have Sex?

This is not the advice you'd expect from a woman necessarily.
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September 24, 2014
Megan Amram, M, Sex,

How long should you wait?

How long should you wait after meeting someone to have sex? It’s one of history’s greatest unsolved mysteries, right up with the Bermuda Triangle and where Waldo is (lost him again). But I finally have an answer for you. How long should you wait? No more than ten minutes after meeting someone. Preferably under seven.

This is not advice you’d expect from a woman, necessarily. It’s widely believed that women tell each other to wait months, even weeks, to have sex with a man. This is SABOTAGE. Women are giving this piece of “advice” to each other so that they can swoop in and steal that man while their reluctant and gullible friend is waiting abstinently. One woman telling another woman to “wait” is a very smart evolutionary tactic to become impregnated with the seed or “not in my hair,” of the strongest male of the tribe. This has been proven incontrovertibly by science, or “number-words.”

Back when men and women were cavemen who lived in caves, women were the more aggressive sex and would often fish men’s condoms out of the cave-trash to steal their seed. This later evolved into a more passive-aggressive approach where cavewomen would have cave margaritas and tell their girlfriends to respect themselves, and then, when their cavefriends were in another part of the cave blending up the ice for the next round of ’ritas in the VitaMix, the savvy cavewoman would stay behind and have lots of hot caveboyfriend-stealing sex, the moans and grunts of which were conveniently drowned out by the loud blender sound.

Now, in the spirit of full disclosure, I would like to divulge that my best friend Tiffany basically started boning my boyfriend Xander right after we’d broken up while the three of us were spelunking in the Lava Tube Caves in Bend, Oregon. That has nothing to do with this scientifically based truth-based essay and never will!

When someone is perfect, you do NOT want to mess it up by having sex at the wrong time and letting your best girlfriend get in the way and have your baby. That’s why you should have sex as soon as possible, preferably within the first ten minutes of meeting someone. If you can do it under seven minutes post-meeting, you’re probably going to marry the guy. Look at me! Xander and I waited eight dates before we had sex, and now he and my ex-best friend are probably gonna get married in their favorite lava tube with a molten chocolate-lava cake and bridesmaids that are dressed like virgin sacrifices to a volcano god of yore. It’s actually a really cute theme, but still, fuck them.

Now, listen. I can only speak from a woman’s perspective. I’ve always been terrible at impressions, and I couldn’t do one of a man if my life depended on it. Actually, that’s a lie. I do a great impression of WALL-E, and technically I think he’s a man. Here, I’ll write a little bit of the impression for you: WAAAALLLLLLLLLLL-E. Impressions don’t work as well written out!

For most people, the ten minute rule might seem extreme. How do you know that they’re tested for STDs? How do you know they’re not crazy? That their pubes aren’t shaved into a swastika or a strawberry (Hilter’s favorite berry)? You’re going to just have to trust your gut. Or, more specifically, your devil’s-gut (vagina). Humans have an evolutionarily evolved ability to know whether their potential partner has crabs or not. Have you ever been drinking twenty beers and about to hook up with someone and then you throw up? That’s your crab-sense saving you from disaster.

The actual particulars of having sex within ten minutes of meeting a potential baby-father or –mother are a little difficult and nuanced. The whole situation is touch-and-go. Meaning you touch them and then you go. Let’s say you meet a hot guy in a Jamba Juice. He’s everything you want in a guy: handsome, correct number of legs, super fuckin’ into Jamba Juice. How do you let him know that you guys are going to go do it in the bathroom? I prefer the body-language approach. A flirty wink means “I like you,” and saying “Let’s go have sex in the bathroom” means “Let’s go have sex in the bathroom.”

I’m going to play devil’s advocate here for a second. Maybe you should wait until you feel comfortable, or have more than a fleeting physical attraction to the person. HAHAHA, BOO! First of all, that’s what the devil’s lawyer is saying. You think I’m going to believe him? Sounds like a real snake.

I hope this helps dear readers. Now excuse me, I have to go have sex with the person who watched my computer at Starbucks while I went to the bathroom!


Excerpted from SCIENCE…FOR HER! by Megan Amram. Copyright © 2014 by Megan Amram. Excerpted with permission by Scribner, a Division of Simon & Schuster, Inc. You can pre-order it on Amazon here.