Maria Bamford Has a New Show Coming to Netflix, And I Couldn't Be More Excited

This is basically a Christmas and birthday present wrapped into one.
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April 21, 2016
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In college, my roommate and I communicated solely through random sounds, lines from Best in Show, and Maria Bamford quotes. We also talked in the Target Lady voice a lot. I'm pretty sure we were a delight to be around.

Since Brittany (that's the college roommate) introduced me to Bamford, I have been pretty obsessed. Watching her stuff on YouTube on "study breaks" is the only thing that got me through P-chem without putting my face in a fire, and I still watch her stand up when I need a mood boost. She is and has been my favorite comedian for years now and, in addition to her awesome stand up, she has done amazing work on a whole bunch of shows including Arrested Development, Adventure Time, and Louie.

This new show is called "Lady Dynamite," and is set to premier on Netflix on May 20th, so mark your calendars, set an alert on your iPhone, and write a lot of notes to yourself. Produced by Mitch Hurwitz, the show will be loosely based on Bamford and her life. According to Vulture:

In it, Bamford plays Maria Bamford, a comedian who is looking to slow down the pace of her life after recovering from a mental breakdown. The occasionally surreal, often silly show knowingly winks at, subverts, and outright makes fun of the now-common semi-autobiographical stand-up TV-show genre.

This is basically a Christmas and birthday present wrapped into one, except it's happening in May and it there's nothing sad about it whatsoever. (Christmas always ends up being sad somehow, and my this birthday is the one during which I will be turning thirty. In the words of my completely earnest father: "It's all downhill from here!")

To commemorate this glorious occasion, I have rounded up a few of my favorite Maria Bamford clips and moments.

Office Life

If you have ever had a regular 9-5 type of work situation, you will enjoy this bit on how so many companies claim to "do things a little differently around here." When I worked at a large engineering firm, I played a fun game where I would try and engage my officemates in sincere work conversations using lines from the above video and this one.

All of the Amazing Voices

I always love when she impersonates her mother, but my favorite is when she does a "normal lady" voice. (I'm empty inside I'm a husk I can't feel my hands!)

The Challenges of Dating

I don't know if this bit is funnier, sadder, or a mixture of both, but it's definitely a lot realer, now that I am out in the world of dating and dating profiles. Favorite quote that made me laugh way too hard for way too long: "I'll rest when I'm Ted, and I'll never be that guy!"

Her Take on Religion

Not only do I treat Diet Coke as if it is the blood of our savior, I also really enjoy all of the voicemails she leaves her mother "from the Baby Jesus."

Anytime She Talks About Her Diet

Not only do I strongly identify as a "raccoon," but my entire diet philosophy can best be summed up by this clip, which I sadly cannot embed here for you (so click over and watch it).

Do you absolutely love Maria Bamford? What's your favorite bit? Are you super out-of-your-mind excited for her new show like I am?