This Week in Girl Bands: Lovers, Sea Oleena, Rosie June

3 different bands and 3 different sounds.
Publish date:
October 29, 2013
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After hearing Le Tigre for the first time in an East Village living room 12 years ago,my love for girl-fronted music outfits snowballed out of control. Every week, I'll bring you a handful of bands that are more than worthy of your Spotify keyword searches

1. Lovers

I’m not sure what it says about me that I was immediately concerned about this Portland trio’s SEO when I discovered them, but it probably saying something pretty neurotic about me. It’ll take you a few tries to Google a digital presence for this , but once you do, it’s more than worth it -- you’re treated to dark digital synthesizers and honest lyrics. When singer Caroline Berk sings “I could love you so hard, oh, save me your softest side,” it perfectly captures piece of affection you want to nab from someone you’d like to do cartwheels for.

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Listen to “Modern Art Museum of the Modern Kiss Goodbye” off the band’s seventh album, “A Friend In The World,” here:

2. Sea Oleena

I didn’t have a clue who Sea Oleena was before I wandered down the street from my apartment and into Bushwick’s Silent Barn on a whim to see the stage covered in a couple hundred beautiful balloons. What I discovered is that she’s an absolute master of something tricky: ethereal, swoony and precise shoegaze that demands your entire attention. Managing to be beautiful without being overly fragile like so many others in the genre, Sea Oleena is the kind of music that makes you long for something greater in your life.


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Watch the music video for “Milk” here:

3 Rosie June

Thirty seconds into most Rosie June tracks will make you think you’re listening to Stereolab for a minute, right up into the point where her vocals kick in and the song shifts into completely different. But where Stereolab greets you with something warm and texturally fuzzy, Rosie June croons in your ear, as if she’s singing only to you. It’s the kind of musical intimacy that can take years to master, but the 21-year-old Canadian’s already got it all figured out.

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Listen to “Feel Better” here: