I Don't Know How I Felt About The "Girls" Finale, But It Did Make Me Realize That Lena Dunham Really Loves Her Some Comics

I squeal every time I see a comic I love on "Girls." Last week it was Amy Schumer. This week: Colin Quinn!
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March 18, 2013
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Warning: Plot points and dialogue from the season finale are alluded to within the story.

What did you think of the "Girls" finale last night? Part of me has actually grown to love the dark, fucked-up-ness of episodes like "On All Fours" that lead to discussions unlike any I've ever had about a TV show before.

Last night's finale was co-written with Judd Apatow, and it had that happy-ending kind of feel to it. I love a good happy ending as much as the next person, so I mostly really liked it. But part of me felt like there was a tied-up-with-a-bow, have-a-man-and-be-happy blergh-ness to it. Overall, though, I just felt happy for any victories achieved by these incredibly flawed and real people -- and especially cheered that weird crevice of happiness eked out via the daring choice of creating characters crafted for you to oftentimes viscerally hate.

Hello, Hannah.

But Lena Dunham has displayed one consistent choice over these first two seasons -- and that is not just her skill with pointed and provocative writing and storylines -- but her love of using comedy world types in both seasons.

After tonight's use of Colin Quinn as a Grumpy's coffee shop manager with some very Brooklyn coffee shop manager glasses, I decided to showcase some of my favorites who've been populating these episodes, and highlight why I love them. Via the magic of YouTube! Yay, YouTube! And I'll have you know, I looked at a shitload of clips and handcrafted the ones that made me happiest. Enjoy.

1. Amy Schumer (She plays Nat's recently engaged, ring-laden, hand-thrusting friend who says that Adam has "the face of an old-timey criminal.")

2. Mike Birbiglia (In Season 1, he plays the guy who almost hires Hannah until she makes an ill-conceived rape joke.)

3. Donald Glover (He was a conservative love interest who blows it by giving Hannah his opinion of her writing.)

4. Jenny Slate (In Season 1, she plays Tally Schifrin, the author who pisses off Hannah something fierce.)

5. Colin Quinn (Grumpy's coffee shop manager!)

6. Horatio Sanz (He's an AA friend of the creepy babysitter father who Jessa fucks with in a big way in Season 1.)

7. Jon Glaser (He plays amazing, hilarious, tender, obsessive recovered addict Laird, who succinctly tells Hannah in the Season 2 finale that "she's the most self-involved, presumptuous person I have ever met.")

8. Ricky Van Veen (OK, he's not a comic -- but he's the founder of College Humor [and dates Allison Williams IRL] -- and he makes a cameo at the shitshow of a Charlie party where Marni does her version of "Stronger"; you can spot him as the dude Shoshanna is flirting with at the party, which makes Ray crazy with jealousy.)

9. Bob Balaban (Not a stand-up or anything, but a terrific comic actor, from movies like "A Mighty Wind" and so many more; you know him as Hannah's OCD shrink.)

10. Carol Kane (Again, not a comic, but someone pointed her out as a comedian example on Twitter from the show, and I do so love this classic clip with her from "Annie Hall." On "Girls," she's adorable as Nat's mom who meets Adam via the 12-step circuit.)

11. Bobby Moynihan (He's the dude that Marni flirts with at Jessa's wedding and represents life post-Charlie at the end of Season 1. And yeah, I could have linked tons of "SNL" clips or improv or other shorts, but seriously, how amazing is he in this clip from "Portlandia"?)

12. Jorma Taccone (Booth Jonathan, enough said, and sooooo many Lonely Island vids want to link here)

13. Chris O'Dowd (the "Bridesmaids" star and Irish comedian is so pitch-point perfect as Jessa's asshole husband it makes me hurt)

And speaking of Colin Quinn on last night's finale, when I asked if I could have him answer some questions about his spot on the show, he agreed.

BUT -- I decided it would be more fun to give it over to you guys. So if anyone has any questions for him, list them below, and I'll pick three -- and then I'll update this story later in the day with his answers!

UPDATE! Here are Colin's answers:

1. Do you normally watch "Girls"?

I do watch the show. I like the fact that it doesn't try to make the characters too likeable. They are who they are. The curse of a lot of shows is you can see where they said, "Make these people likable," and then they have to secretly work with homeless people or something. The characters on "Girls" are likeable because they are human beings with flaws and good and bad sides like everybody.

2. Who is your favorite character from the show?

My favorite character is Hannah because she's the tortured narcissistic writer and I can't imagine what that must feel like.

3. What are your top five movies?

My top 5 movies are "Goodfellas," "Taxi Driver," "On the Waterfront," "In the Heat of the Night," and "Just Friends." (Not joking)


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