A Vote For Scotty McCreery Is a Vote Against Moms

I mean, really. Last night's "American Idol" finale was just unfair.
Publish date:
May 25, 2011
music, TV, moms, american idol

Oh man, did you guys see the "Idol" finale last night? It was sooooo boring, just a couple of nice kids singing nice. But I voted, for the first time all season! Because I am not going to be the person who votes against moms, and Lauren Alaina's final song "Like My Mother Does," complete with mom-hug in the middle.

If I were Scotty McCreery, I would be furious. If Lauren Alaina's song was going to be about the sancity of moms, Scotty's should have been about the troops, or how much America kicks ass. And he should have wandered into the audience to high-five a veteran or a giant American flag with its arm in a sling.

And a special shoutout to my boyfriend, whom I woke up at 6 a.m. to take a picture of my Idol vote with his cellphone because the press cannot be stopped, ya'll. And he did it! Keeper.