Your New Favorite Artist is Kimbra

She's kiwi and she's the koolest. Trust me on this.
Publish date:
November 17, 2011
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Just take a look at Kimbra. But no seriously, just look at her. Would you ever think that little tiny skinny-girl body could produce powerhouse vocals? Yeah, no. Me either. I first fell in love with the Hamilton, New Zealand-born chanteuse when I heard her single, “Settle Down.” Within the first 20 seconds, you get tinges of pop, bluegrass, R&B and even some totally "Sing-Off"-style a cappella. Even better, word on the street is that Kimbra literally used a tampon box to help create the percussion track for “Settle Down” which of course has endeared her to me forever. Kimbra’s debut album "Vows" was released this past summer in both New Zealand and Australia and needless to say, it has won worldwide acclaim. Aside from getting rave reviews from notoriously critical sites like NME and MTV Australia, it charted at No. 3 in New Zealand, No. 5 in Australia and rose to a peak of No. 4 on the ARIA Charts. (Huge deal down under, FYI). But, where Kimbra has seen her most commercially successful release is via a gorgeous duet with a very talented Belgian-Aussie man named Gotye. (I feel it pertinent to point out that Gotye’s real name is actually Wouter "Wally" De Backer and I’m contemplating sending a letter of congratulations to his parents for having the balls to bestow that name upon their kid).

Gotye and Kimbra’s collabo is called "Somebody That I Used To Know,” (not to be confused with the Elliott Smith track of the same name) a melancholy ballad filled with lush harmonies and haunting melody lines. They start with solo verses, but the magic really begins when these two sing in unison. Lyrically, the tune is an honest look at all the annoying crap that comes along with a bad breakup like trying to sell your boyfriend’s limited edition Led Zepplin LP on eBay having to give back your boyfriend’s coveted vintage record collection in its entirety:

No, you didn't have to stoop so low/Have your friends collect your records/And then change your number/I guess that I don't need that though/Now you're just somebody that I used to know.

The song also has a gorgeous music video that’s already earned over a whopping sixteen million YouTube views and which has undoubtedly contributed to the song’s massive commercial appeal. (Read: both Kimbra and Gotye are NAKED in the video and covered in earth-tone-hued BODY PAINT). True story:

If for some ridiculous reason you don’t trust my taste in music (and why would you, until you do?), Lily Allen has also tweeted the her praises.Listen to more of Kimbra’s music HERE and or get thee to Spotify.