Katie Price doesn't use contraception. Neither confirms or denies the possibility of syphilis

Which is very irresponsible given all the power and influence she wields...
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July 25, 2012
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Katie Price: The anti-contraception fairy

The Artist Formally Known As Jordan has been suspiciously quiet of late.

But now Kerry Katona's back on the weekly mag circuit, Katie Price has clearly decided that she needs to up her game and remind us all what a feminist role model/normal girl she is. Oh, and her reality TV show is on again.

Speaking on her Sky Living HD reality TV show called erm Katie, Katie admitted that she hasn't used contraception in years. Yet miraculously has avoided both falling pregnant and syphilis (AS FAR AS WE KNOW).

Speaking on camera, the mother-of-three said: 'Well, I haven't [been careful] in four years.

'I haven't used any contraception while I've been in relationships. It's true. Never.'

I don't massively subscribe to the idea that vulnerable young women everywhere are hanging on to Katie Price's every word and copying her every move.

But come one Katie, you're on TV, couldn't you have just stuck one little PSA at the end reminding the kids to wear a condom?

Ok fine, I'll do it for you - kids, wear a condom, or you'll end up briefly married to Peter Andre.