JONASGATE 2011: No, I Wasn’t LYING About Doing Drugs With Joe Jonas!

Please! I have better things to do with my time! Well, not really – but I was totally telling the truth.
Publish date:
September 8, 2011
drugs, pot, weed, Joe Jonas, Jonasgate

OK, so what I didn’t realize when I was telling my story about Joe Jonas was that it would become a huge Internet sensation and that I would be attacked all over the web by very angry Joe Jonas fans. Also: that people would speculate about whether or not Joe Jonas needs to go to rehab. For weed? Pfffft. I don’t think so.

The fact remains that yes, I know for a fact that Joe Jonas smoked weed, and this is because I saw my best friend Shaun smoke his weed with him, and Shaun confirmed the whole story. I’m not making anything up! But I of all people am not trying to say anything BAD about Joe by telling this story – I like how Gothamist put it: This just proves that Joe is the coolest Jonas brother! Right? Right.

Some more details from that night, for those of you who don’t “believe” me: Joe was there with a bunch of model girl types (whatever). The second time around, when we watched Joe smoke his own pot, his BACKUP SINGER rolled the joint -- we know this because, like losers, we went home and looked at Joe Jonas live videos online and we recognized one of his backup singers as the dude who was in the club with him. Rolling a joint! For real! Right there in Gold Bar. I swear it on my life.

So, Jonas fans, I’m not trying to say anything bad about your beloved JoBro -- only that he was killing it in the club, and that we had a fun time hanging out with him. He looked good, was dressed sharp, had some saucy dance moves (though I could I have told you that), and definitely knew how to get down. Is that so wrong? I don’t think so. XO