If You're a Joan Didion Fan...

Her new book is out today!
Publish date:
November 1, 2011
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Just a reminder that her new book, "Blue Nights" about the death of her daughter Quintana Roo, which followed shortly after the death of her husband in 2003, is out today. I picked it up on the way back to the office from therapy, and paid for it with my own money instead of getting a review copy.

At Barnes and Noble they were sneakily hiding it behind the cash register, I think beause she is reading there tonight. I almost didn't ask about it because I suddenly had an irrational fear that I was not pronouncing "Didion" correctly. So instead I just pointed at a picture and said "I'm looking for this book."

And Didion's not even that hard! I wonder how much business authors with genuinely hard-to-pronounce last names lose to this issue.