IMPORTANT WEEKEND QUESTION: What Show Do You Desperately Wish They Would Release on DVD?

Like many senior citizens and other very cool people, I am a regular Jeopardy watcher.
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October 18, 2015
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Like many senior citizens and other very cool people, I am a regular Jeopardy watcher. Although I was on the Academic team, the equivalent of Quiz Bowl, in high school (again, I am very cool), I would never do well on Jeopardy.

I know a good percentage of the answers, but I need more than a few seconds to retrieve them from brain, and sometimes I need to say like 3 or 4 words before I say the right one. Not to mention that I'd never remember to respond in the form of a question.

But I have a sincere love of The Game and in the past few months have started DVRing and watching religiously. The show got an injection of extra excitement recently, as freakishly brilliant 23-year-old contestant Matt Jackson went on a 13-game winning streak, leading to speculation that he was going to be the next Ken Jennings. (There was also, it must be said, some Twitter speculation that Jackson may have bodies buried in his basement, due to his robotically creepy manner/smile.)

Jackson ended up finishing fourth in overall all-time Jeopardy winnings and will compete in the Tournament of Champions.

The whole thing inspired me to read Ken Jennings' book "Braniac," written after his unmatched 74-game run in 2004 to find out more behind-the-scenes tidbits and trivia. (You should also follow him on Twitter, as he's sincerely funny and charming.)

Unfortunately, I missed Jennings' epic Jeopardy performance back when I was a college student, and I'd love to watch it now, but Jeopardy is notoriously shut-down with their content -- you can't find anything on YouTube that Jeopardy didn't put up themselves, and fan-uploaded clips get taken down within the day. (Thank God, they put up the awesome "Game of Thrones"-themed board from the other day on Twitter.)

What I don't understand is why Jeopardy doesn't release older seasons, at least the Ken Jennings games, on DVD. Sure, those who have watched already know the winners and losers, but the real thrill is in the questions, and plenty of younger viewers like me haven't seen a lot of the older seasons.

PLEASE JEOPARDY GIVE ME DVDS TO WATCH I WILL BUY THEM. Also, Sisters. Nobody I know remembers Sisters and there is nowhere to watch it to prove it existed.

What TV show or film are you dying to watch that isn't available for some inexplicable reasons? Is anybody else a Jeopardy nerd like me? Sisters was real, right?