I'm The Worst: Falling Asleep During Movies

Help cure me of this shameful habit.
Publish date:
June 9, 2011
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People are always appalled by how few classic American movies I've seen. This is made all the more shocking because I was a film studies major in college. But, I always argue, it's not like "The Goonies" sits the curriculum between Soviet montage theory and "Double Indemnity." Trust me, I wish it had.

However, I'm completely to blame for why I haven't seen these movies ("The Goonies" included) in my personal time. I have a terrible, shameful habit. As soon as a movie begins, my body shuts down. I'm out like a light.

When my friend Katherine, who was appalled that I had never seen "Top Gun," invited me over for a screening, we made an event of it. She had kept the movie on her DVR for nearly a year, we set the date weeks in advance, ordered dinner, and settled in to watch the supposedly amazing movie I had been missing out on.

And then this happened.

I'm the worst!

So welcome to the first edition of "I'm The Worst," a column in which we reveal our bad habits as often as we feel comfortable revealing our bad habits, and then ask you for advice combatting them.

I can't really think what they could possibly be, but do you have any tips for how I can stay awake for movies? Or just want to commiserate?