I Don't Know a Lot About Art, But I Know I Love Marilyn Minter

And she has a new exhibition!
Publish date:
November 18, 2011
art, marilyn minter

So, yeah, I am kind of an art-hater. No, that's not true, I just don't really get art. I know people say it's just about how it makes you feel or whatever, but there's obviously a ton of context and technical knowledge that goes into really understanding what makes a piece good.

I'm trying to imagine an art world in which "good" equals "accessed and understood by a large amount of people." It looks very literal. Or like that show "Work of Art," which I watch and enjoy, mostly because there's a guy called 'The Sucklord" on it.

Anyway, I don't know that stuff, and it's too late to learn -- my brain is already soooo full of all the stuff I know about like, American literature and the former contestants of America's Next Top Model.

But I did get to interview Marilyn Minter when she posed for our Fancy Fashion Story, and she was one of my favorite interviews ever. (Also on the list: Amy Sedaris, Will Arnett and Kal Penn, which was extra awesome because it was my birthday and he hugged me/aka put his body on me.)

She is 62, has flaming red hair and showed up in a T-shirt she'd had custom-made for the shoot, which read, "Nobody Has Politically Correct Fantasies!(?)" and a backup reading "Fur Is Dead." She pointed out that the latter was really just a statement of fact, not a political statement. Oh, and she an M&M candy tattoo on her arm -- for Marilyn Minter. I loved her.

And her work is drrrty like X-tina during her leather chaps phase. I guess in the end I like my art like I like my sex: sexual. In fact, Minter basically alienated the art world ( and anti-porn factions) in the late 80s by doing work based on pornographic images. Here's my my favorite kind of weird Wikipedia sentence about it: "The timing was terrible as this was the pinnacle of political correctness."

As far as I can tell, everybody loves her again now, though, and her work has segued into the less in-your-face but still visceral pieces in which people and body parts glop messily through oil and paint. And she shot Pam Anderson looking all greasy!

I bring all this up because MM has a new exhibition at Salon 94 here in New York through December 4th, this time featuring babies splashing around in non-toxic paint, and if you live here you should check it out and if not ... I don't know, do these things travel? Maybe it will come to you? I don't know about art. Do you? If not, do you still have an artist you love like I love MM?