I Demand a Corny TV Tagline Renaissance

TNT gives me new hope for a future rich in super dumb, effective TV ads.
Publish date:
July 12, 2011
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A heavily rotated radio spot for a new TNT show, with its irresistible corny old-school tagline, has me obsessed. With the tagline. The spot focuses on the antics of a pair of lawyers who are wacky and perhaps a little outrageously unprofessional. The tag that stole my heart, “They’re the OBJECTION to the rule.”

See? Like, “these lawyers are out of line, Your Honor, objection!”

They’re the objection because they suck at following the rules, but also the exception. I wish I could like that tagline on Facebook so I could then like my own activity and comment “More like LOVE! Where’s the LOVE button? LOLZkfgjhkfjhgkj.”

Oh yeah, Franklin & Bash is the series, starring Breckin Meyer and Mark-Paul Gosselaar. The cast was revealed to me (by Google) about five minutes ago, pretty much sealing the deal that I will watch it in a marathon on a JetBlue seat-back TV within six months. But still, that tagline!

In fact, I’m going to officially demand an Irresistible Corny Old School Tagline Renaissance, Specifically For Television. Movies already get all that crap anyway.

Still don't understand what Im babbling about? Allow a smattering of examples.

1980's A favorite of mine from before halfof the xoJane editors were born? Hanks-Scolari cross-dressing laugh riot, Bosom Buddies: “Friendship can be a real drag.” Of COURSE it can. And a brilliant double entendre fit for the lowest common denominator.

1990's/early 00's A decade ago, someone was a closet Buffy The Vampire Slayer watcher, but it’s not her tagline that burns like Holy water (“Love is immortal.” Blah). Spin-off Angel had the wings: “Live fast. Die never.” Thanks, I WILL!

Basically Yesterday A more recent crying shame was the pooping of the California King bed of my since-7th-Heaven-pretend-girlfriend-Ashlee Simpson's-Melrose Place redux. “Ménage a Tues” seemed a tagline for the ages. All-ages.

Oh how I long for a Rock-O-Plane full of these fried Twinkies of promotional catch phraseology!

Do you remember any standout TV taglines? Don’t say Bones, I can’t get into Bones. Even though “Every body has secrets” is kind of boss. FINE, Bones.