Taylor Swift's Favorite Candle Is Made By My Favorite Perfumer So Basically I'm Taylor Swift

Let me just pause to say that celebrities' favorite scented candles is my favorite sub-genres of pop culture.
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April 27, 2016
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Last week, a new installment of Vogue's 73 Questions YouTube series was released. I love this series because it provides a seemingly candid yet painfully scripted glimpse into a celebrity's life, and gives you a sense of what their sense of humor is actually like. When they're good, they're really fun. When they're bad, they're even better.

The most recent video starred Vogue's current cover girl Taylor Swift.

Coming off of a relentless, seemingly never-ending album cycle for 1989, we find Taylor back in her Beverly Hills home. As always, we find her trying to come across as relatable 26-year-old and your quirky, sarcastic best friend, one that just happens to be one of the most famous women in the world, nbd.

One moment, her answers make you feel like she really is just like us. She's sick of clickbait! Her favorite show is Friends! Her favorite movie is Love Actually! Her favorite cocktail is a vodka Diet Coke (?????) The next second, you're casually reminded that she's one of the biggest money makers in the music industry and a tactful businesswoman who will stop at nothing to get her coin. Her advice for new artists? "Get a good lawyer." The one song she wishes she'd written is the Friends theme song "'cause of the royalties."

It's Taylor Swift at her Taylor Swiftiest, and it's great. The real bomb comes when she's asked the realest, most hard hitting question at the very end. The question that, after the biggest album of her career, and an era of scandals, celebrity feuds, and constant headlines, everyone has been dying to know — what's her favorite scented candle.

"Byredo...Tree House. That is it."

Let me just pause to say that celebrities' favorite scented candles is my favorite sub-genres of pop culture.


Byredo is my favorite perfumer, proving once again that Taylor Swift and I are exactly alike.

I think buying luxury candles is a true sign of being a sophisticated adult and having your shit together. I know everyone loves a nice Diptyque candle hanging out on their nightstand or vanity, but you know you never burn that shit! That's just for show! Like that marble pepper grinder, or Chanel sunscreen. Byredo's Tree House clocks in at $80, making it even more of a luxury product.

I'm not much of a candle guy. I can't leave my house without having a legitimate panic attack that I forgot to turn off my iron, oven, or stove. Am I alone in that?

I really don't need to add "did I blow out that expensive-ass candle" to my list of things to worry about. Plus, what would be worse? Leaving the candle burning and having it burn down my apartment complex, or leaving it burning and having it burn down to a nub without me being there to enjoy it/impress my friends with? You tell me.

But Byredo sent me this candle because I told them to, so now, even if it does burn down my apartment, it's not my fault. It's Taylor Swift's.

PLUS — Do you guys want to know what one of my biggest fears is? It's that my apartment smells funny and no one is telling me. I don't think it does. I certainly smell great all the time. But, you know how it is, sometimes you get used to how your place smells and don't notice when it starts to smell a little...off.

Wasn't it Febreze who introduced the term "noseblind?" That haunts me every day. Right before someone enters my apartment, even if they've been there a thousand times before, I always make sure to light a scented candle, just in case. Luckily, they're always like "Your place smells great!" And I always reply "Oh, does it? I hadn't noticed. It always smells like this."

(Is it just me? I should never have mentioned it.)

But now my apartment smells just like Taylor Swift's Beverly Hills mansion.

Tree House is a shapeshifter of a scent that dances in front of you and does what Byredo scents do best. It combines a handful of dissimilar notes and makes them play off of one another, accenting and showcasing each note in a perfectly harmonious way. Bamboo and pimento make the scent bright throughout, while hay, labdanum, and myrrh provide a sturdy, spicy heart that is part earthy, part incense, while leather provides a dark, sexy base. Byredo has a way of building scents that defy what we think we know about fragrance, that can be many things at the same time. Tree House is tangy but velvety, exciting and sensual. It feels like a hot autumn night. It smells like someone that want to see again.

It's not exactly how I'd expect Taylor Swift's place to smell, then again, I guess I'd expect her house to smell like antique wood and freshly printed dollar bills. That, and she always struck me as more of a Tocca girl. BUT, now my place smells like Tree House and I'm stoked, because it just clocks in another similarity between me and my girl Taylor Swift.

Tynan maintains that Taylor's "We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together" is the best song ever written on Twitter @TynanBuck.