How Have We NOT Talked About Boy Meets World Part Deux Yet?

After joining the high school years in '97 as Shawn's sassy love interest, Angela added some much need Sriracha to the otherwise "meh" mix of Mouseketeers. And on a personal note, she was black.
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December 11, 2012
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In college I remember catching the tail end of an episode of "Boy Meets World" and thinking, "This show's still on?" But after getting swept up in a marathon viewing, all those TGIF warm and fuzzies came rushing back. 'Member when sitcoms ended on a high note? When you just knew every problem could be solved in 30 minutes (22 if you subtract the commercial breaks)? Those were good times.

"Boy Meets World" was no different. After seven heavenly seasons, Cory ended up with Topanga AND Shawn. Feeney was still doling out advice from his petunia bush, Eric was still pretty, little sister What's Her Guts finally came down from upstairs and Ma and Pa Matthews held up pretty well considering all the trouble their crazy kids got into. Life was awesome. Or was it?

You guys, where is Angela?!

After joining the high school years in '97 as Shawn's sassy love interest, Angela added some much needed Sriracha to the otherwise "meh" mix of Mouseketeers. Angela was to Shawn what Tori Scott was to Zack Morris -- a much needed dose of reality. With her edgy hair do' and bohemian knit tops, Angela brought what hadn't already been broughten.

And on a personal note, she was black but it was never like a thing.

Remember how they fell in love? After dating for Shawn's shelflife of two weeks and then breaking up, Shawn finds a purse filled with all the stuff he loves -- a book of Shakespeare sonnets, a ticket stub to a Jean-Claude Van Damme flick -- thinks it belongs to a brunette. It turns out the purse was Angela's. It was Angela all along. Always Angela. I dated a wonderful boy of German descent like a week in college and flirted with the idea of us being the Shawn and Angela of our generation.

"It's like everything that I have ever known about girls has been completely erased from my brain," Shawn tells Cory.

Then when Shawn finally confesses his love for Angela, he tells her, "I want to be with you more than anyone else in this entire world. Why can't we be Cory and Topanga?" Because you guys are way better, Shawn!

Where Cory and Topanga were all, "We've been in love since we were zygotes and blah blah blah" Shawn and Angela were like, "Our love is so good it's bad."

Like in that one episode when Shawn gets drunk and pushes Angela against a wall and instead of calling the cops Angela's just like, "I don't like that you drink. Call me when you don't." Burn.

The absolute worst was when they got to college and broke up on the first friggin' day. They couldn't even wait the first semester most doomed high school sweethearts suffer through. Nope, not Shawn and Angela, the on-again-off-again archetype.

"You want to meet new people and I'm not new people," Angela tells Shawn in a smooth "I'm gonna break up with you before you break up with me" move that would haunt me for the rest of my dating career.

Eventually Shawn and Angela would get back together, only to break up again and then get back together. Then Shawn got a goatee, which might have been the root cause of Angela escaping to Europe to spend time with her military dad. Either way, by the end of the series they were in a weird emotional purgatory that I'd stuffed deep down inside and buried with my newest ne'er do well couples like Chuck and Blair.

But when plans for the "Boy Meets World" sequel "Girl Meets World" was announced, I went back to that place where a bohemian black girl with ever changing hair could love a trailer park poet.

Rider Strong, the actor who will forever be known as Shawn no matter how many Law & Order guest spots he does, has yet to sign on the BMW sequel. Angela, actress Trina McGee, is 43 in real life (she played a teenager when she was damn near 30!) and hasn't said anything about joining the redux cast either. I am dying.

My only solace is this role breakdown of a new character on the show, "Maya." She's Cory and Topanga's daughter's best friend.

[MAYA] Please submit all ethnicities. 13 years old. Maya is Riley’s best friend and does not share Riley’s optimism. She is far darker and less trusting of the world. She is an only child and has never known her father, which immediately makes her relationship with both Riley and Cory Matthews very important to her although she’d never admit it. She is not a good student in school, but is a wonderful student of life and absolutely magnetic in attracting or intimidating the people in her sphere as she cares to. Dark and edgy, but just as fiercely loyal to Riley as Riley is to her. Which makes us want to believe that maybe there’s a good heart under the acerbic wit. Or maybe not. Series Regular.

Y'all, if this child isn't the magical love baby of Shawn and Angela I DON'T KNOW WHO IS. Come on, "far darker and less trusting of the world" and "dark and edgy" with a "good heart under the acerbic wit"?

Because I have time for these things, I'm gonna guess that Shawn and Angela had a wild night in Paris during the Beaujolais Noveau celebration and then Shawn, of course, dumps Angela in favor of finding himself in India for the next 14 years. Unable to find Shawn, Angela raises Maya on her own and only decides to move back to Philadelphia-area when 13-year-old Maya starts asking about her dad. Angela, Shawn and Maya will reunite in some weird Parent Trap type plot after the first season.

There, I fixed it for you.