Hey SNCKPCK, Do You Want To Be My New Best Friend?

Everybody needs a best friend. Right now, I'd like SNCKPCK to be mine.
Publish date:
September 30, 2013
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I get really obsessed with stuff really easily. I just saw that Roots video singing the Sesame Street theme song and I have sent it to about ten people and put it on my Facebook wall and it is pretty much all I can think about this morning.

That is kind of how I found SNCKPCK. First, he writes all of his tweets in capslock. Tweets that are like this:

Okay, Emily introduced him to me unintentionally by retweeting him, and BOY DOES SHE REGRET IT. He is pretty much all I talk about. I’m always like “OMG Em, look at my new SNCKPCK iPhone background!!!!!!” and Emily is all “Olivia, do your job.” Thus, I made SNCKPCK part of doing my job.


(I hate myself)

He is positive as fuck and I need that in my life. I’m a dark horse, ya’ll know that. So sometimes I need a little push in the right direction. That is what SNCKPCK did for me. He was all “Hey, Olivia. Stop being a little bitch and look at the light in your life” (Kidding, that is NOT a direct quote. He is actually a million times nicer than I am and he would never call me a little bitch).

On the reals though, he is so lovely. He put a book out about being positive with drawings and sayings and funny emoticons. He makes videos featuring his cat Peaches and pizza. He makes music that is also so so positive and lovely and FUN. Oh, did I tell you that he will be friends with you on Snapchat and send you Snapchats for like no reason other than he wants to spread the love and light? Yeah, whatever dude, you are awesome.

I know there is alot of misery, pain and gross things in the world. I know that SNCKPCK does not address any tough questions about the causes of misery, pain and grossness. That’s OK. Everybody likes cake and cake does like nothing for you except make you happy. That is what SNCKPCK is: Internet Cake. Eat it up dudes. It’s ok to indulge in pure unbridled positivity once in awhile.

So I got to ask him a few questions and here is what happened.

How'd you get so positive?

I used to deal with a lot of anxiety in life. the only way I found out how to get rid of that anxiety was to do something i loved doing. i love making other happy through videos, music, and my writing. Making others happy makes me happy and so that's why I stay positive. I wrote a blog post that goes into detail about all my anxiety and how I dealt with it if you want to read more into it!

What advice about staying positive would you give to our readers who might be bummed out today?

Do something for yourself today! It's so easy to fall into a routine that becomes mundane and life then seems boring which can make you sad. So do something you wouldn't normally do with the people you love! Fingerpaint, listen to Doo-Wop, sit on the grass outside, or color some pages of dolphins from google images. Have fun :+)

Who is your biggest inspiration? Like, when you wake up who are you like hoping to run into?

I don't have a huge inspiration that I look up to. Mostly the people that give me the most inspiration and drive to keep going and doing what I'm doing is all my friends that support me. Everyday I wake up and am super excited to interact with all my friends. They are the best and I love them!!

I write about fashion mainly, so what is your favorite piece of clothing that you own and why? Can you send us a photo to illustrate its awesomeness?

My signature shirt!! I bought it at a thrift store in 2010. It's the only thing I wear when performing at events. I wish I could find more like it but when I bought it the tag was cut off so I have no idea who made it or where it came from!

I'm listening to the New Radicals "Get What You Give" right now, and it always reminds me of driving with the wind in my hair and sunshine and love and good things and makes me think everything is going to be okay. What song makes you feel like that, specifically?

The most positive song!!!!!!!! LETS TWIST AGAIN BY CHUBBY CHECKER!!!!!!

We like to talk about peoples psychic ages. Your psychic age is the age that you are on the inside. What do you think your psychic age is and why?


You eat SO MANY SNCKS, do you ever get tummy aches? If so, how do you alleviate them?

I eat lots of SNCKS!!! But you also gotta remember to eat healthy sncks as well. SNCKS can be great for you but also bad so its nice to find a balance and eat right so that you don't get those tummy aches!!

So, in short, you guys should check him out. His real name is Daniel Alexander, but I'm going to continue calling him SNCKPCK. And I don't think he'll be pissed about it, at all.

Daniel Alexander (SNCKPCK) is a 20 year old college student living in texas creating videos, music, and books to spread positivity throughout the world :+)