Hazy Pop Culture Memories -- Hurricane Crossover Sitcom Night?

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Publish date:
July 6, 2011
TV, sitcoms, hurricanes, golden girls

I lived for sitcom blocks as a child, from the original TGIF lineup of "Perfect Strangers," "Mr Belvedere," "Full House" and "Just the 10 of Us" to lesser, later picks like "Step by Step" and "Hangin with Mr. Cooper."

And I also loved crossover episodes, ala "The Jetsons Meet the Flintstones." Which is perhaps why I've harbored a fuzzy memory of a hurricane crossover sitcom night that must have once thrilled me in the early 90s.

The shows were "Golden Girls," "Empty Nest," and I can't remember the other one. Just kidding, I can remember, it was "Nurses." But doesn't "Nurses" seem like a faraway dream? All three shows took place in Miami, and I remember a lot of promos leading up to the big night when a hurricane totally RIPPED THROUGH all three shows! Does anyone else remember this, or have any additional details? What was the crossover element? Does anyone even care but me?

Send me your vague pop culture memories at emily@janepratt.com, especially if you can't remember the title or even if it actually existed, and I will use the power of the people to get to the bottom of them.