The big storm of FEELINGS on "Dawson's Creek."
Publish date:
August 26, 2011
Dawson's Creek, gay brothers

You guys may have heard there is a hurricane about to hit New York. And, as is appropriate for the greatest theater town in the world (suck on it, London) we're being VERY DRAMATIC ABOUT IT. I'm sure the Carolinas/Gulf Coast are experiencing high winds of their own, on account of all the eye-rolling.However, preparing for Irene has dredged up overblown East Coast hurricane memories of my own, specifically those from that one episode of "Dawson's Creek." If you don't remember, it was in the first season, when Pacey was still having sex with that teacher (I know) while simultaneously trying to out his brother Doug by talking constantly about how gay he is, doing a gay voice and asking him about his stereotypically gay hobbies, which of course you know you do, if you are the conscientious sibling of a gay person.

Also it turned out Jen was a big slut because she had a pregnancy scare at 12 (What do you expect? She was from NEW YORK) and Dawson's mom was having an affair. Joey was of continued disinterest to me.The episode is of course on the internet to ILLEGALLY WATCH, if you are the kind of person who would steal a purse or a car or are okay with taking food from the mouths of Meredith Monroe's children. But rather than watch the episode through illicit or licit means, I'm going to give you the gist viaA Few Incredible Lines From This TV.com Recap of The Hurricane Episode of Dawson's Creek."Joey's sister and her boyfriend talk about having their son circumcised and they can't come to an agreement.""They start talking about Dawson and his genitalia.""Pacey asks Doug what his favorite broadway musical is and he answers West Side Story and then Tamara and Doug talk about how great the movie is.""Jen tells Dawson that his mother is a good person, but Dawson thinks that since Jen has slept with many guys, she would be ok with it.""Tamara tells Doug that she can't go out with him because he is gay."

"Doug gets mad and pulls out his gun and points it at Pacey and tells Pacey to tell her that he is not gay.""Dawson drags her into the closet and they reenact scenes of Jaws."

POST SCRIPT: The everybody-confronts-their-demons-because-of-the-storm is a pretty popular trope, and I vaaaaaaguely remember a "Perfect Strangers" where Larry and Balki were trapped in a basement during a flood and if the water got higher they were going to get electrocuted. If you have information leading to the verification of this episode, please call the FBI and have them arrest you for being very, very cool.