Internet Thing That Made Me Scream: This Guy on Reddit Won't Hire Women Because They Can Get Pregnant

Is your blood pressure a little low? Have I got the Internet Thing for you!
Publish date:
September 1, 2016
reddit, bros, Gender Discrimination, Workplace Discrimination

I run into a lot of weird stuff on Reddit. It's basically what the platform is made for. Sometimes it's delightfully weird, but sometimes it's...infuriating.

This thread, from r/legaladvice, starts with pretty typical tech-bro behavior ("Can I bring strippers to the office?") — but then!

Uh, excuse me? Who even thinks that, let alone leaves an internet breadcrumb trail for their inevitable workplace discrimination suit?And then he just keeps digging:

I know I'm "undesirable" in the tech industry, but I thought that was because of my medieval studies background, not because of my uterus.