Get Your Bookworm Friends These Book-Themed Gifts If Getting Them an Actual Book Feels Too On-the-Nose

There's stuff at a variety of price points, even though you should probably just go ahead and spend all your money now before we're all financially dealing exclusively in a barter system of frozen Trump steaks after an inevitable nuclear fallout.
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November 17, 2016
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I've always loved that John Waters quote about how if you go home with someone and they don't have any books, don't fuck them. Reading is so important. Also, it's hot.

Hopefully, you're an avid reader. Reading is good for you in lots of ways that you already know about because you've read about them in a book. Reading makes you smarter and more interesting. Sometimes, books are a much-needed escape in an increasingly terrifying world.

Like, I think it's a little annoying when people keep comparing the US's current political climate to Harry Potter, but I try not to snark because I get it. Shit is scary out there, and whatever helps you be the strong person you need to be without hurting anyone else is fine! Unless you're reading Harry Potter and, like, super-empathizing with Voldemort.

Books are very good for your brain, and as a fun bonus, they look great in your house! And who knows? Maybe the next date you go on will be with someone who loves that same John Waters quote, and your books will get you laid. Then all the funding that's gone into Reading Rainbow over the years will have surely been worth it. Thanks, LeVar Burton!

Even if you're not a huge reader, you surely know someone who is. And the holidays mean it's time to prove your appreciation for the people in your life by coughing up a disproportionate share of your meager earnings to GIFTS, so that your friendships as well as capitalism can thrive. God bless us. Shop local!

I've rounded up some gift ideas for every bookish little weirdo in your life, even if that weirdo is yourself. Self-care is radical or whatever. There's stuff at a variety of price points, even though you should probably just go ahead and spend all your money now before we're all financially dealing exclusively in a barter and trade system of frozen Trump steaks after an inevitable nuclear fallout.

Anyway, here's some book stuff!

The Book Lover's Journal

Give your favorite bookworm this handy dandy notebook so they can keep track of all the books they read in the coming year. It's even got a page to keep track of the books you've loaned to people. People are so bad at giving books back! People in general are not very good!

The notebook is only about $12 and also comes with a list of the world's most critically acclaimed books as well as quotes from classic literary favorites. Do you think if I bought this and logged enough books, I could get a free personal pan at Pizza Hut?

Novel Teas

I personally think tea is kind of gross (sorry!) but these are super-cute. These English Breakfast teabags come with literary quotes on them.

According to the reviews, the tea is really delicious. I'll trust the reviewers because all tea tastes like twig water to me. You can get a pack of 25 teabags for $12.50, so you should definitely pick these up for your favorite tea-drinking, literature-loving pal.

Literary Glasses

So I may not drink tea, but I do drink all sorts of other things. I can think of several beverages I'd like to sip out of these literary-themed rocks glasses.

The glasses are made in the USA and for $13, you can get one with a quote from a classic like Pride and Prejudice, Les Miserables, Hamlet, or The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. Cheers!

Book-Themed Perfumes

The smell of a book is something really quite wonderful but difficult to describe. Commodity Goods makes a really lovely fragrance called Book. It's woodsy and fresh, with a sexy base of musk, sandalwood, and velvet. It'll look great on your shelf, too.

Or you could go with a whole library-themed kit, like Ineke's Scent Library. Inside this gorgeous little "book," you'll find five generous samples of Ineke's Floral Curioisities eau de parfums, along with library cards featuring the scent descriptions of each fragrance. I reviewed this kit on xoVain a few years ago, and I still keep it around. I love it so.

This Secret Book That's Actually a Jewelry Box

I love secrets! This fake book isn't a book at all, but instead a box to hold your most valued treasures.

You can keep it on your shelf to throw snoops off your trail. Or keep it on your bedside table. It's a very classy way to hide condoms or weed. Buy it for a friend who deserves to live her very best life.

"Education Is Freedom" T-Shirt

No one needs to literally carry all their books around with them to prove how much they love reading. You can wear your love of reading on your sleeve. Or just, like, on your shirt.

Purchasing this bookish, relaxed white V-neck tee will help give a book to a kid in need of one, thanks to Sevenly's partnership with the awesome charity, FirstBook.

Make a donation to an education or literacy nonprofit

Anyone who's actually passionate about reading should be equally jazzed about increasing our literacy rates in the US, and throughout the world. The US has alarmingly low literacy rates, and reading programs in our schools are being cut all the time.

So use the holiday season to make a genuine difference this year, and make a donation in your favorite book lover's name to one of these incredible causes. (Or another one! There are so many! Donate to your local school, or library, or after-school program, please!!)

But really, if there's a book lover in your life and you're totally stumped as to what you should get them this Christmas, just head down to your local independent bookstore and pick up something that you think they'd like. If you know a book your friend loved recently, the bookstore's employees will be able to help you find something along those lines.

And pick yourself up some books too! Because reading makes you smarter. And knowledge is empowerment. And power sounds really good right now, don't you think?

Now, tell me the last great book you read. I'm going to Mexico in a couple weeks and need some new reads.

Merry holidays, ya nerds!