I'm In The New Foster The People Music Video Eating Models To Absorb Their Beauty

It's bonkers and dark and kinda disturbing.
Publish date:
June 3, 2014
modeling, body image, music videos

In the new Foster the People music video for "Best Friend," I play a runway model who is getting increasingly insecure about my looks -- and who has discovered that if I eat younger models I can stay pretty and youthful by ingesting their beauty.It’s pretty dark.Aside from me devouring hot babes, the video is something of a psychological study of an aging model who is self-conscious enough to do anything it takes to change her looks into “perfection.” It’s a super bright and funny video.

How I got this job is pretty cool. One of the directors had read a few things I wrote about body image and modeling and thought I fit the character really well. My manager sent me the video concept and asked if I was interested. I called her and told her it was basically my dream job. A meeting was set up with the directors at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood.I initially thought, “Oh, great, we’re meeting at the most pompous and generic place you could hold a meeting besides the Chateau Marmont. I hope these guys aren’t douchebags.”I may have a slight cynicism problem.They ended up being much younger and more adorable than I envisioned, and we basically talked about Seinfeld the entire hour-long meeting. This job was in the bag. The only thing I was concerned about was that my parents were flying to California to stay with my sister in Yosemite for the week, and I was planning on staying there, too, but the video shot a few of those days. What’s more important, my parents I see once a year or a music video? Music video, duh. (I was a little sad I had to cut my trip short but my parents understood.)Two of my favorite memories from this shoot are:

  1. The craft services guy made mini cinnamon-raisin bread with brie toasted sandwiches that were DELICIOUS.
  2. One of the models got a text that her 17-year-old roommate accidentally took 2 ecstasy pills at noon because she had a headache and thought they were Excedrin.

I could tell you about everything else that happened but it's not very interesting and nobody cares about the conversation I had with Mark Foster (the singer in the band) where he said, "So, you're a writer? That's cool." And I said, "Yeah, it's pretty cool."

What I love about the video is the contrast from dark to light. You could look at it as extremely sad, but the shot where I'm actually swallowing a girl is kinda ridiculous. Being told to "be uglier" in certain shots was unusual, as I'm so used to pretending to be flawless and confident in the majority of photoshoots. Despite what this video portrays, I've actually become more confident with age. I feel more beautiful than I did when I was youthful but insecure. But I had fun with the whole thing and didn't take it personally, seeing as I was the "self-conscious aging model."