Florence Welch takes being famous tips from Kate Moss

She decides to adopt Kate’s 20-year policy of keeping her mouth shut at all times
Publish date:
June 19, 2012
kate moss, Florence Welch

Florence Welch: never explain, never complain

I love Kate Moss and I love Florence Welch – so imagine my joy when I learnt that Florence learnt everything about being famous from Mossy.

Talking to Radio Times, the singer said: ‘Like going to the park and then seeing yourself in the papers two days later – it gives you a bit of a funny feeling,’ the 25-year-old said. ‘But it’s not really my place to complain.Like Kate Moss said, “Never explain, never complain”.’

The fact is, Kate Moss has base her entire career on keeping her trap shut – you’ll never catch her in a Stella McCartney suit explaining why she’s become a UN Goodwill ambassador, or spot her on This Morning telling the nation how much she regrets the Pete Doherty Incident.

So Florence – listen to Kate – if anyone knows how to make a vaguely tenuous career span 20 years based entirely on being a bit enigmatic, it’s The Moss.