Adult Swim Announces Two New Seasons of FLCL

This announcement hit me like a giant tsunami of nostalgia.
Publish date:
March 25, 2016
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Yes, you read that headline correctly. Adult Swim will be releasing two brand new sparkling seasons of your favorite strange-yet-engrossing anime FLCL (known to many as "Fooly Cooly.")

Though I've been to a con or two, I've never quite considered myself a hardcore anime fan, but this announcement hit me like a giant tsunami of nostalgia, knocking the breath out of me and taking me back to a very specific time and place.

I was never super into anime, but there are a few series that I became absolutely obsessed with in the mid-2000's. I had just moved in with my first very serious boyfriend, and we began the partaking in the comfy couple's custom of binge-watching TV shows together. He introduced me to Aquateen Hunger Force, Twin Peaks, and anime.

Neon Genesis Evangelion and Samurai Champloo were my two favorites, which is odd considering how different in style and tone they are. I never quite took to Cowboy Bebop for some reason, and Haibane Renmei bummed me out, but my boyfriend never even tried to get me into FLCL; it was "too out there." (I eventually saw it, many years later, and can confirm that it is indeed "out there." I enjoyed it, though I watched many of the episodes inebriated.)

It's kind of hard to explain FLCL to someone who hasn't seen FLCL with their own eyeballs. The original six episodes center around a 12-year-old working class boy named Naota, living with his father and grandfather in the fictional Japanese town of Mabase. Naota seems to be leading a pretty normal prepubescent life, when he is suddenly struck by a woman on a Vespa. This same woman administers CPR and then hits him on the head with her bass guitar, which leaves a large, horn-shaped bump on his head which is actually a portal that robots climb out of from time to time. Half of it is a kind of serious coming-of-age tale, and the other half of it is zany futuristic, action-packed battles. I won't spoil it for you, but it's a lot of robots, guitar swinging, and awkward sexual tensions. Basic anime stuff.

Unlike some anime I've watched (looking at you, Princess Jellyfish) FLCL wraps up in a decently satisfying way, which is why I'm (delightfully) surprised that there are going to be twelve new FLCL episodes, and that they will serve as a sequel to the first season.

The announcement was made on Adult Swim's Facebook page yesterday, and was met with a lot of emotions. There was excitement, yes, but a lot of it was a cautious sort of excitement. There was a lot of "please don't ruin this near perfect thing from my past," and a good bit of "this doesn't need a sequel," but it seemed that the biggest concern was whether or not Japanese alt-rock band The Pillows would be involved.

To be fair, this is a very valid concern, because The Pillows are awesome, and FLCL just wouldn't be the same without them.