5 Winter Activities in New York to Pull Me Out of This Seasonal Slump

While booking a trip to Miami is high on my priority list, I’ve got a list of books, movies, shows, and fairs to entertain me and pull me out of this winter-induced funk.
Publish date:
February 5, 2015
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Punxsutawney Phil, the world’s most famous groundhog, saw his shadow on Monday, predicting six more weeks of winter. Just when I thought I couldn’t take anymore bone-chilling temperatures, blustery winds, and freezing slush, I get the news that there’s no end in sight!

While booking a trip to Miami is high on my priority list, I’ve found five cultural things to entertain me in New York and pull me out of this winter-induced funk, which could possibly be Seasonal Affective Disorder. So here’s what I’ve got. (They are New York–centric, because that’s where I live. But there are at least two that readers elsewhere could check out. Hint: See Woman in Gold and Funny Girl below.)


Yes, this Roundabout Theatre revival has been open nearly a year, and yes by now I should have gotten tickets to see Emma Stone “act the hell out of” her character Sally Bowles, according to Variety, but better late than never. And the show’s run has been extended through February 15, with Sienna Miller taking over Stone’s role on February 17 at Studio, so there is still lots more to see.

The Martha Graham Dance Company

From collaborating with sculptors like Isamu Noguchi and designers like Halston, Donna Karan, and Calvin Klein to teaching actors including Bette Davis, Madonna, and Liza Minnelli about modern dance, Martha Graham’s influence is legendary. I first learned about her dance company in college, and take every opportunity to go to see her choreography.

She’s long gone (passed away in 1991), but her influence is still here, as her dance company will offer Graham classics Panorama and Chronicle at the Joyce Theater in Manhattan from February 10 to 22. The company’s New York season will also include premieres by renowned choreographers Nacho Duato and Annie-B. Parson.

Funny Girl

“This book takes the pejorative sting out of the words ‘entertaining’ and ‘heartwarming,’ and induces binge-reading that's the literary equivalent of polishing off an entire television series in one weekend,” wrote NPR about English novelist Nick Hornby’s latest release Funny Girl (Riverhead). Enough said. A binge-read is exactly what I need to hunker down until the weather lightens up a bit.

Hornby, the man behind High Fidelity and About a Boy, set Funny Girl in the world of 1960s British sitcoms with the protagonist, 21-year-old Barbara Parker, getting her career started as the lead in a BBC show. And I’ll let you take it from here.

The Affordable Art Fair

While this event won’t start until it’s officially spring (it runs from March 25 to 29) at the Metropolitan Pavilion, I’m super excited about it because I might actually be able to pick up cool wall art that I won’t see at a friend’s house the next day (ehhhmm, IKEA. And don’t get me wrong, IKEA is great, but I’m ready for more original stuff.) About 200 artists will be selling their work, starting at $100. I hope there will be a lot to choose from at that base price point! Can’t we go back to the days when art was more accessible to young people?

Woman in Gold

I recently saw the Gustav Klimt painting (Portrait of Adele Bloch-Bauer I) this film is based on at the Neue Galerie and I am super intrigued about the story behind it. Basically a Holocaust survivor fights to get a piece of art that was looted by the Nazis from the Austrian government. She wins, and that’s why it’s in Manhattan today. So what’s the point of seeing this if I already know the outcome? It’ll make me feel all warm and fuzzy inside to see the good guys win, and it’s got Oscar winner Helen Mirren. It won’t be out until April 3, though, so I’m going to have to sit tight until then.

And that should keep me busy for a while. What will you be up to this winter?