The Best New (To Me) Music Recommended by Robots and Dudes

How do you discover new music?
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June 20, 2016
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You may have noticed that, when it comes to music, I have a few darlings. If I were to describe my taste, it would probably be "grumpy 50-year-old man who listens to indie sometimes in an effort to relate to the youth." Spotify has figured this out, and has adjusted my Discover Weekly lists appropriately.

Actually, if it weren't for those Discover Weekly lists, I would never find any new music. "New," of course, is a completely relative term. What I really mean is "new to me." The only real "new" music I've listened to this year is Lemonade and that Grateful Dead cover album that The National produced (Day of the Dead), and the latter only half-counts.

So though I haven't found a lot of truly new music recently, I have found some stuff that is new to me, and it has been in heavy rotation. Most of it was brought to my attention by Spotify, but some dudes helped out too. Dudes freaking love suggesting music.

"Breathless" — Nick Cave & The Bad Seeds

This came from a Discover Weekly list, and at first I didn't even realize it was Nick Cave, because it's just a bit more upbeat and catchy than his usual stuff. It's super whimsical and sweet and I play it at least three times a day.

"Good Feeling" — The Violent Femmes

Despite the title, this song is not that uplifting, but I can relate to it, and it's nice to be able to name a Violent Femmes song that isn't "Blister in the Sun."

"Somehow to Keep it Going" — Cotton Jones

This is the only song I know by this band, and I think it's just dreamy.

"Bent (Roi's Song)" — Diiv

My friend Chris introduced me to this song on the way to IKEA this weekend. It's got a nice, fuzzy, dreamy quality to it that feels perfect for lazy summer days.

"I Wanna Destroy You" — Soft Boys

Okay. So this song I had technically heard before, but not in a very long time, and then I heard it twice in rapid succession (once at my local bar, and then it showed up on my Discover Weekly list). I took that as a sign and have been playing it ever daily ever since, usually during my morning shower to get pumped up. (Also, I find it very interesting that the lead singer of this band also does a fantastic cover of "The Ghost in You.")

"Flirted With You All My Life" — Vic Chesnutt

Vic Chesnutt is one of those tragic figures that I'm almost afraid to get really into, because what if it's all just too tragic? This song is super sad, but still worth your time, and he kind of fakes you out with subject matter in the beginning there, which I enjoy.

"Are You With Me Now?" — Cate Le Bon

The music. The video. The lyrics. Everything about this is super sexy, and I have a hard time not grooving whenever it comes on. (And it comes on a lot at my bar.)

"When You Write" — Ten in the Swear Jar

One thing that's really great about having younger siblings is that they try and keep you young too. My sister sent me this song, and it's very cute and sweet, though kind of quiet.

"A Lizard State" — King Krule

Just look at this little ginger. He's so growly and jazzy and I'm just really into it. A man I was seeing for a bit played this for me and, besides an awesome unicorn shirt, it was one of the better things to come out of that experience.

"Death" — White Lies

If you saw the fine film A Girl Walks Home Alone at Night, you may have taken note of this song. It's kind of 80's-sounding, but the 80's were awesome, and I always dance around my apartment when it comes on.

How do you find new music? Do you use Spotify's Discover Weekly? What songs are you currently super pumped about? I hear there are playlists you can subscribe to, but that seems like a lot of work.