What Are Your Favorite YouTube Channels for Wasting Time?

Mine are mostly food-centric. (Surprise!)
Publish date:
May 27, 2016
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Since I started working from home, I have perfected the art of procrastination, and I have YouTube, Twitter, and Facebook to thank for that. But unlike those latter social media time suckers, YouTube at least has the ability to teach me something, or at least make me laugh.

Below you will find 10 of my favorite channels. They are mostly food-centric (surprise!) but there's some humor and science in there, too.

If You Want to Learn Cooking Basics from Someone with a Very Soothing Voice: Helen Rennie

Helen Rennie runs a cooking school in Massachusetts, and her enthusiasm for cooking and teaching really comes through in her videos. I love her cheerful vibe, and I could listen to her talk all freaking day.

If You Want to Get Crazy Modernist Chef Skills: ChefSteps

ChefSteps is a channel that is packed with deliciously entertaining and instructional videos. They cover an amazing range of topics, from super basic -- like how to buy and cook scallops -- to a geeky and out there -- like how to make any cheese melt like American. (I also have a huge crush on Grant Crilly, not that that should influence your opinion of the channel.)

When You Just Need to Laugh (A Lot): Chris Fleming

The first video of Chris Fleming's I ever saw was the above, which is part of the series "Gayle," and I think I watched it three times in a row. In addition to "Gayle" I also really adore his car rants, and this video where he discusses what it means to be "a man."

Any Time Someone Says "Chemical-Free": AwakenWithJP

A lot of people post this glorious ginger's videos on my Facebook page, and I love, love, love his deadpan delivery. (Wait. Do we call it a Facebook "page" or a "wall"? I honestly can't remember.) The coconut oil, in which he refers to it as "duct tape for your health" is my absolute favorite.

For Tasteful Food Porn: Tastemade

Tastemade is actually a whole collection of a bunch of amazing food series, but HUNGRY AF, which covers mouth-watering mashups like the above spinach and artichoke cheese fries, may be my favorite, as I relate to it on a deep and spiritual level. Thirsty For..., which shows you how to make all sorts of delicious drinks from around the world, is really good too.

For Less Tasteful Food Porn: FOODBEAST

This is where you go if you want In-N-Out egg rolls (featured above) or Taco Bell lasagna. I don't really know what else to say.

For Life's Big Questions: Flula

I think Flula is one of the "popular YouTubers" who hangs out with Grace Helbig, but I just know him from his late night rants, known as "Flogs" for "Flula Vlogs," against American idioms. "Skeletons in the Closet" makes me giggle every time.

If You're Morbidly Fascinated with Gross Things but Also Like Learning: Gross Science

Warning: Some of these videos are, as the name of the channel would suggest, extremely gross. If you are the type of person who enjoys those blackhead videos, you might like these, but you also might want to seek some help. (Just kidding, those are endlessly fascinating.)

For a Bunch of Geeky Songs Sung by Two Sisters: The Doubleclicks

These two talented ladies of The Doubleclicks dish out some serious truth in C-3PO's lament, and it's hard to beat a geeky, cello-backed song. (Unsurprisingly, they live in Portland, so I may have to see if they perform around town.)

Because Chemistry is Cool, You Guys: Reactions

The American Chemical Society's quirky YouTube channel is surprisingly fun, and addresses today's most pressing chemical questions, like "Why does coffee make you poop?" (There's also some good food science stuff, which I'm obviously all about.)

What are your favorite YouTube channels? Do you like yours to be educational, or purely entertaining? Apparently they have some that show you how to do makeup, or so I am told.