What Are Your Favorite International Snacks — or Things You'd Normally Need a Prescription For — to Buy When Traveling Abroad?

I hope you're hungry.
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October 14, 2016
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Greetings from sunny Cabo San Lucas! I'm here for a press trip Dan sent me on (this makes it sound like I'm being exiled — I'm not. I think Dan just wanted me to meet single, attractive travel journalists while getting a tan, but they're all married with kids, so that's a no-go). I'm currently enjoying a post-snorkel, post-massage Tecate in my room.


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I've got two must-sees whenever I go to a foreign country, and they make me sound gross or drug-seeking or both: 1.) bodegas, or a gas-station equivalent, and 2.) pharmacies. I need neither gas nor drugs (but, hey, did you know you could buy Cialis and erythromycin over the counter in Mexico?), but I DO want international snacks and beauty products. Plus, they're a great way to get rid of any small bills before you head back home.

When I was in Stockholm, that meant getting Tyrkisk Peber and 70 percent propylene glycol body lotion, in Lille it was poulet rôti chips and Embryolisse (duh), and right now I'm eating some truly amazing chicharrones that come with a packet of salsa IN THE BAG.



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This, of course, leads to me, drunk and snacky, back in New York, wishing fervently for some poulet rôti chips and insisting nothing else will do. It's not a cute look and I feel bad for my roommates. And while it's really easy to find international beauty products online, it's pretty hard to find international snacks. There are a lot of subscription boxes out there, as well as shady two-year-old bags of chips being sold on eBay, but I'm not particularly interested in either. There are a few online retailers you can go to, and these are my favorites:

WorldMarket: Apparently this is a line of freestanding brick-and-mortar stores, but I've never actually been in one. Their snack selection leans kinda swanky and European (think Terry's chocolate oranges and multiple patés). It's not great if you're looking for a specific brand name, but it works if you just really really want some candied chestnuts.

World of Snacks: I imagine the people who work at World of Snacks must have the most fun. Could you imagine selling shrimp crackers online for a living? Anyway, they have basically every Lays flavor you could possibly imagine, international Dorito flavors, all the Kinder candy we don't get in the U.S., and even a section for American snacks.

/r/snackexchange: I saved the best for last. Home to one of the most exhaustive snacking spreadsheets I've ever seen, snackexchange is where you go to set up snack trades with real people. Cute Canadians are like "does anyone want to try candy corn?" while other people are just really excited about getting a shipment of spicy American chips. In addition to being delicious, it's heartwarming. The only caveat is that you need to be on Reddit for three months and have 600 karma in order to participate in a trade.

Now, tell me allllllll about your favorite international snacks in the comments.