Epcot's Eat to the Beat Concert Series Is One Big '90s Party

This year is particularly delightful, as Disney seems to be capitalizing on the current '90s revival.

I have a soft spot for the Epcot Food & Wine festival and, in addition to the food lineup, I am always excited to see what random assortment of musical talent makes it into the "Eat to the Beat" concert series that went along with all the tasty bites.

There's something charming about a this kind of lineup. Unlike hipper summer festivals like Pitchfork, SXSW, and Lollapalooza, there is no pretense of cool, no need to to be "up on" the most obscure bands. You can eat, drink, and catch a band you never thought you'd get a chance to see, all while wearing mouse ears. (Also, only one band performs per day, so you don't have to worry about competing stages.)

This year is particularly delightful, as Disney seems to be capitalizing on the current '90s revival, and have packed the lineup with nostalgia-inducing acts that I haven't thought of in years. In my opinion, this is the perfect kind of act to watch after hours of "drinking around the world." (Another good thing about this type of act is the fact that most people only know a few of their songs, so you can most likely stop for a bit, hear the hits, and be on your merry way, ensuring you don't miss any tasty destinations.)

You can see the full list here, but some of the highlights include:

Toad the Wet Sprocket

Fun fact: Back in the day, I used to confuse this band with The Toadies, which is a very different thing.

Blues Traveler

I can't think of Blues Traveler without thinking of John Popper almost dying while masturbating (thanks, VH1!), but even with that association, I still enjoy the above song.

Sugar Ray

I'm conflicted on this one. On the one hand, most Sugar Ray songs drive me up the wall. On the other hand, Mark McGrath was quite humorous in Lady Dynamite. On the third hand, I'm sure I would enjoy the songs of my preteen years if I were drunk enough, and getting drunk enough is very easy during the Food & Wine festival.


This is delightful and I would watch the entire set. (Also, did you see them perform this acoustic version a couple of days ago? I really enjoyed Taylor's white pants.)

Wilson Phillips

Raise your hand if you used to sing this into your hairbrush.

Soul Asylum

This song is very sad but very good and I am just now noticing that young Dave Pirner looks kinda like Patrick Fugit.

38 Special

While this doesn't technically fall under "nostalgic" listening for me, I do love 38 Special for some reason and would deeply enjoy seeing "Hold On Loosely" and "Caught Up in You" performed live.

Really, the only part of this lineup I would actively avoid is The Plain White T's; everything else looks fairly delightful.

Will you be attending the Epcot Food & Wine Festival? Which act (or acts) would you want to catch? Ugh, I wish I could go. I really miss Epcot.