I've Got Two New "Downton Abbey" Series 3 Promo Trailers for You -- Let's Pick Them Apart!

THE MONEY'S GONE, you guys! Also there may be spoilers.
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September 7, 2012
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Hey, my fellow historical drama nerds! It’s time to equip your favorite tea cozy and a box or 12 of Kleenex in preparation, because this week has seen the reveal of TWO new trailers for the much-anticipated third series of Downton Abbey.

It’s the 1920s! Mr. Bates is still in jail and Anna is still trying to get him out! Lord Grantham is broke! There’s a new footman! Edith and Sir Anthony are reunited! The Dowager Countess is still awesome!

And THEN, Shirley MacLaine turns up! Can Downton’s structural integrity withstand TWO Americans?

Notably absent from this above trailer, tailor-made for American PBS audiences, is virtually any mention of how Mary and Matthew have fared; neither do we see hide nor hair of BranSybil. Worse yet, the PBS trailer kindly informs us that American audiences (at least, those few stalwart American Downton Abbey fans still above pirating their fix off the internet as soon as possible) must wait until January to see these new episodes, which start airing in the UK this month.

(As an aside, I honestly don’t understand why we can watch "Doctor Who" at the same time as it airs across the pond, but PBS has to hold back "Downton Abbey" a full four months from its original airdate. I love you, Public Broadcasting, you know I do, but why must you hurt us in this way? I also hate that you edit the episodes and mash them together in weird ways, but that’s another griping post altogether.)

Fortunately, there is also a trailer from ITV -- the British channel on which the Abbey broadcasts -- which in my considered opinion is a much-improved perspective.

For one, in this trailer we get to see that BranSybil are back! And apparently Branson is sitting at the grownups’ table, like he thinks he’s people.

Edith and Sir Anthony seem to actually be getting their romance on and DAMN it’s about time, maybe that’ll improve Edith’s mood a bit. Thomas might have a crush, again. Matthew and Mary are likely still flirting with disaster, but maybe that’s just how their relationship is destined to be.

Also, hey, what up disgraced former housemaid Ethel, who may or may not be moonlighting as a prostitute (?) -- if anyone else can fathom a reason why Ethel would be on the street at night with disheveled hair and wearing BRIGHT RED LIPSTICK please share it, because it sure seems like a heavy-handed plot point to me.

Sure, the ITV trailer is about a THOUSAND times more emo than the PBS version, but isn’t that what we’re watching for?

What did you notice in the new trailers that I missed? And how excited are we? Anyone else mounting a series one and two re-watch campaign in anticipation? Damn, Cora was a stone bitch in the early episodes.