Caitlin's Browser History: The Dogspotting Facebook Group

Dogs > racists
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September 19, 2016
social media, facebook, social justice, dogs are cute

Lately, my Facebook feed has been a thoroughly unappetizing soup of Islamophobia, panic, and Trump memes. After any kind of crisis or scandal, it seems like racists spring up like mushrooms after a hard rain across all my social media platforms. (Does anyone even remember when Twitter was good at breaking news? When I tried to check the Chelsea bombing hashtag over the weekend, all I got were conspiracy theories about how drugged Hillary looked and "religion of peace HAH" from people with eagles for avatars.)

My usual M.O. for assholes on social is either a.) ignore and block (if it's not my one family member who'd totally notice I unfriended them) or b.) drop one comment and walk away, because otherwise my "youngest child syndrome" kicks in, and I have to get the last word in — which, in a Facebook argument, could last probably forever.

This time, though, I just started looking at dogs.

There was a fake "SJW manifesto" floating around that was supposedly tied to the Chelsea bombing, and, of course, it brought out a lot of homophobia ever-so-gently tinged with "told ya so!" sentiment, and I just couldn't handle it. So I spent a nice 15 minutes in the best thing that's happened to my newsfeed: Dogspotting.

Dogspotting is a 285,000-person-strong dog photo machine. After posting a photo of a real-life dog you spot out in the wild (provided it follows the rules: no service dogs, known dogs, selfies, or low-hanging fruit), you're given points by other Spotters, but the group works on Whose Line rules, where the points don't matter at all.

What does this end up looking like in practice? Well, just imagine that instead of seeing your high school friend's thoughts on Killary, you get to see this:

And instead of getting sucked into watching a video about how SJWs are ruining everything, you could see this:

Isn't that so much better?

(P.S. You could totally turn this comment section into a post-pictures-of-your-pets section. I would not mind at all.)