Four Reasons to Watch Dancing With The Stars According to Bryan (AKA: Why David Arquette Should Win)

David Arquette, Ricki Lake, Chaz Bono and my unhealthy obsession with Mark Ballas.
Publish date:
October 10, 2011
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I love this show. No, I am obsessed with it. I have been from the beginning. And, in my opinion, it gets better and better every cycle. The ratings get stronger, the cast of dancers are more dynamic and even the star particpants are better this season than usual. Let's face it, this is the show to be on if you have the time and energy to do it. The following are four of the best reasons to tune in every Monday and Tuesday (according to me).

Who is more perfect for this show than Ricki Lake? It's been a long time since she danced the Dirty Boogie in "Hairspray", but she still has her groove thang intact. I loved her in "Hairspray" because she was a big girl in an unconventional leading role who could still shake it with the best of them and was unapologetic in doing so. From the start of this season she's been tearing up the floor in her increasingly svelte figure. Which is another reason I love this show. Every season there seems to be a star that has a weight loss breakthrough due to the intensity of the workouts they get through the dance. Ricki has publicly stated she wants to get healthier and more physically fit through the course of the season. I think there is a lot of inspiration to gleen from that. Dance your toushy off and get healthy. Go Ricki!

Chaz Bono is one brave dude and I am so happy he's decided to do this. The man's been under the microscope of public scrutiny for his entire life. In the beginning he was Sonny and Cher's adorable baby girl, then Sonny and Cher's lesbian daughter and then Sonny and Cher's pre-op transitioning son. Now he is finally Chaz, the man he always felt he truly was and now is. What a fabulous moment for the Transgender community (and for Chaz) to have the chance to champion one of their own on a show that's so wide reaching and fun. Of course he will still be scrutinized, but I would much rather be scrutinized by Bruno, Carrie Ann and Len weekly than the tabloid crap that has followd him most of his life. GO CHAZ!!

Mark Ballas, will you marry me? I'm serious. Ok, perhaps he likes women, perhaps he lives on the opposite side of the country, BUT he wears tight pants with flashy sequins and girates his pelvic area fast and furiously two nights a week for months on end for me. How can I NOT love him? I even bought his dance single, "Move" that he released with Derek Hough off of iTunes recently. I sing along to it fantasizing Mark and I are onstage at the Colosseum in Vegas. We sell out the theatre (breaking all of Celine Dion's records). Our chemistry is on display for the thousands of admiring and envious fans as we sing and dance and sweat and breathe heavily and.... (Sorry, totally carried away, apologies.)

The main event this season for me is David Arquette. It's been three weeks of competition and every time he has come on stage I get a serious case of perma-grin (because he has perma-grin). Even when he screws up a step, he smiles. He looks great and he seems so happy. Courteney and Coco choke me up every time I see them cheer him on. It's good feeling stuff and that, to me, is what it's all about. Not only is he fun to watch, David can actually dance. He's certainly not perfect (perfect is boring), but he is really good. He has potential to grow into a place where I could see him win it. I want him to win it! His charisma alone could carry him to the end. Let's not even talk about how good he looks in those dance ensembles, H-O-T! (Check out the Fancy Fashion Story he worked on with us a while back.) I'm certain he will only get better and better. My votes go to David and Team Good Times. Keep this man on the show. VOTE for David and Kym!