OCCUPY COURTNEY: “Basically, I am your Etsy Guide, and if you have any taste at all you will do what I say.”

My Etsy account is open to the public! You need to look at my favorites.

Did you know that Courtney Love was an Etsy aficionado? When not busy being Cat's favorite rock star, she’s trolling the site -- for those of you not familiar, it’s a colossal online marketplace for buying and selling handmade or vintage items, art, clothes, jewelry, antiques, and all sorts of flat-out amazing stuff, FYI– for the most exquisite, Courtney Love-esque stuff available from sellers all over the world.

As part of our Occupy Courtney series, we sat down with Courtney at her home computer while she showed us her favorite sellers and all of the amazing things she’s scored online. And now her (extraordinarily active) personal account – CherryForeverReturns – is as open to you to explore as it is to us. But before you go exploring, read on for a rundown of the sellers Courtney loves best, in her own words. We hope you enjoy her lesson as much as we did! XO

ETSY SHOP #1: TimelessVintageVixen

SPECIALTY: Beverly Hills-based vintage dress dealer of exquisite "femme fatale vintage fashion from the 1870s to the 1970s. From cocktail-attire and vintage-bridal, to burlesque and boudoir, TimelessVintageVixen has it all "for the special textile collector".

COURTNEY SAYS: “My name on Etsy is cherryforeverreturns. Anyone is welcome to buy whatever is in my basket. The most money I've spent on Etsy, you can see -- it's in the six figures. You can see what I paid for, what I haven't. My best dealer on Etsy is TimelessVixenVintage. It’s vintage gowns.”

ETSY SHOP PICK #2:Café Baudelaire

SPECIALTY: Original artwork combined with French vintage collaged images. The original work is printed on "the finest Hahnemule paper". Courtney likes their prints and stationary.

COURTNEY SAYS: "This is my favorite shop for paper stuff, Cafe Baudelaire. She isn't in my [list of] favorites, but I've used her for a long time. It's very Marie Antoinette. The paper is very very thick. Look at how beautiful some of these are, and they're pretty and nice. They are $22 for a reason. The seller, Wendy Paula, is a big deal on Etsy."

ETSY SHOP PICK #3: VintageSparkles

SPECIALTY: Victorian, vintage jewelry, Juliana jewelry, signed vintage jewelry, dragons, snake jewelry, vintage handbags, vintage linens, vintage hats, antique compacts, perfumes, celluloid, cameos, and rhinestones.

COURTNEY SAYS: “This vendor only does massive jewelry that's really weird. And she has a really weird aesthetic. She’s got this crazy aesthetic and it is amazeballs. This chick, her name is VintageSparkles. Look at this, this is her most conservative piece. It is all seventies, mostly, and all massive. She does these massive ginormous pieces, like old Egyptian revival. She's just got this incredibly weird, cool taste.”

ETSY SHOP PICK #4: John's Basket Case

SPECIALTY: Florida-based seller offering pine-needle baskets made with found materials like sea glass, semi-precious stones, and wood.

COURTNEY SAYS: "These are old Seminole baskets. I want to get a lot of people these for Christmas. He's an old guy, like 70-something, and he does these incredible baskets. And he uses things like laborite, and he's just an old wonderful guy."

ETSY SHOP PICK #5: The Hand of Fatima

SPECIALTY: Jewelry pieces created from not only antique and vintage components, "but from stories, imagination, spirits and secrets".

COURTNEY SAYS: "There is a girl in Harlem -- her name is Hand of Fatima. I have a bunch of her stuff upstairs. And what she does is she collects Masonic men's only things and she makes jewelry out of them and she is kind of a genius."

Courtney has more picks to share with you...Stay tuned!