Courtney Love: 50 Obsessions I Couldn't Live Without On My 50th Birthday

Let's start with my favorite.
Publish date:
July 9, 2014
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1. And that would be: Sex. Obviously.

2. Frances. My proudest accomplishment always makes me prouder. Her artwork is phenomenal, too.

3. My fans.Thank you, every single one.

4. Nostalgia. Particularly in musical form.

5. Good girlfriends. They make life complete.

6. The best fashion.Marchesa. Marc Jacobs. Riccardo Tisci. Givenchy.

7. Perfume. So fun to nerd out at Aedes De Venustas and Perfume Shrine, but my newest obsession is scents that smell like sugar. You have to try Vanilla Extreme.

8. Reunions.Especially those so sweet it still makes me cry. Even if it takes 20 years, it's so great to hug it out and feel like an anvil is off my chest.

9. Beauty essentials. Can't live without Terry Lip Balm.

10. Headline-making cleavage.You have to in the birthplace of Marie Antionette.

11. Spinster power.Love these Miss Havishams.

12. Knowing your limitations. That's all, or you'll fall into a pile of hubris and for god's sake laugh at yourself.

13. Acupuncture. I swear by it, and someday I want it after every show I play for my adrenal glands.

14. Comfort selections. Lately I've been so into Harrods Food Hall cheese.

15. Amazing tunes.Like "Cool Kid" by The Eeries.

16. Acting, acting, acting. Including my newest role on "Sons of Anarchy"!

17. The classics.Oh how I love Etta James.

18. Highbrow lowbrow food. My favorite of late is potato leek soup with a grilled cheese.

19. My favorite photos. Go down the dizzying rabbit hole of my Pinterest page "Me, me, me."

20. Forgiveness. I'm 50, and I don't care what you said two years ago or yesterday. It's all good.

21. Chanting. Nam myoho renge kyo.

22. Crystals and jewels. Bury some celestite, rubies and quartz and make a wish.

23. Being realistic. Don't take on more than you can handle.

24. Escaping to London as often as possible. Every time I go to Mairead Lewin's vintage shop I feel like a new woman. Adore those aristocratic British gentlemen.

25. New words.Love the naughty ones.

26. Dirty songs.God how I adore Brooke Candy.

27. Epic kisses. Girls count!

28. Real estate shopping. If I ever went to hide away, you'll find me here with many cats and a few horses.

29. Giving songs I never liked a fresh look. I never thought I'd dig this song, but OK.

30. Being an icon.I'm Number 36, boo.

31. Smart men, iconic men, fabulous men. Steven Klein, my guitar player Micko Larkin, Sean Penn, David LaChapelle, the list goes on.

32. Anti-retouching.This world is too celebrity obsessed.

33. Talking about style. I could write a million books on the topic.

34. Chick lit inspiration. Forever I'll be a Bergdorf blonde.

35. Touring.Especially to my favorite places.

36. Net-a-Porter fashion I can't get enough of. Especially this.

37. New songs.Wedding Day!

38. Making history. Yes, I'm the first person to go to a jury trial over libel on Twitter. And we won.

39. Keeping people scared. Hell hath no fury like me!

40. Pinterest benders.I could go for hours.

41. Amazing moods. All you need is an excellent massage, an amazing cape of ostrich feathers and "Straight to Heaven" Killian perfume.

42. Owning who you are. As I said once, "Own what you are, and I mean whether that's art, or whether that's fashion, or whether that's music, or whether that's acting, or whether that's politics, or whether that's literature, it's own what you are and grab it and you know, be as prolific as possible."

43. A circle of inspiration.Caitlin Moran and her style icons.

44. My favorite hideaways. Chateau Marmont, Electric Room, Bowery and Groucho Club, London and Chiltern Firehouse.

45. Uber. Great for riders and life-changing for drivers!

46. Cannes. As I said there: “Everything that becomes true starts with a manifesto.”

47. Making reporters do their jobs better.I was only trying to help with the plane!

48. Taking down those who take you down.With wit, style and penis jokes.

49. My clothing line.Never the Bride.

50. My upcoming book. "Girl With the Most Cake," coming soon from HarperCollins, and no, it won't be a kiss and tell.