Countdown to Cougar Town (ONE More Sleep! Win Something!)

This is your chance to win something in honor of our Cougar Town Countdown!
Publish date:
February 13, 2012

We've talked about why we love the show. We've talked about our favorite moments and episodes from the past two seasons. What about what's going to happen during season three? What do you want to happen?

Before we get to season three though, I wanted to share a photo and video Jane took over the weekend at the Cougar Town Rally in New York City. Jane and Courteney have been palling around town, as best friends [Oh, I am always wary of claiming "best friend" status with anyone, and tell Charlotte the same. It sounds excluding. Unless we are all best friends. Moving on... --Jane] should, having an awesome time. She snapped this photo of a fan with a signed shirt:

And this short video of the scene [I started videoing and didn't know what in the heck I was trying to capture. That's why I'm dorky and speechless. I'm just in the back here trying to blend. --Jane]:

I wish I would have gone, but duty called and I, unfortunately, was otherwised detained.

Now, for season three we have been privy to a certain amount of detail of what's to come. Even better, Cougar Town showrunner [Isn't he the producer and creator? He's the Big Boss -- don't call him anything less. I don't know how these Hollywood titles work. Love you, Bill! --Jane], Bill Lawrence has released this 10 minute sizzle reel featuring moments from season 3. For those of you that do not wish to know ANYTHING about season three, skip this video. For those of you who would like a tasting of what's to come, press play and get ready to laugh!

Holy Moly!! I'm so excited!!!! So here are the contest details: based on what you watched in the video (or based on your knowledge of the show- for those of you who skipped the video), tell us what you want to happen in season three? What's your dream scenario for our Florida friends? Write to me at or leave your ideas in the comments. It doesn't have to be lengthy- I love short, sweet and creative. The two most outstanding ideas will win either a signed photo of our Jane with our Courteney or the DVD of Cougar Town Season One [we are working out the details. as usual. --Jane].

Tomorrow's post will be about our winning ideas, polishing up our "Big Carl's" and celebrating the big love we have for Cougar Town- and on Valentine's day of all days!